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12:48 AM Ruby trunk Bug #6342 (Assigned): rubydb(debugger interface on emacs) doesnt work with multi files
in rubydb(debugger interface on emacs) we can set breakpoint by C-x SPC,
but it only refers to line number, not to f...


12:52 AM Ruby trunk Bug #6271: textmode File#read on CRLF
I tested the code above in some environments.
(a) ruby 1.9.3p125 (2012-02-16 revision 34643) [i386-cygwin] : works f...


06:54 PM Ruby trunk Bug #6271 (Closed): textmode File#read on CRLF
I'm not sure this is bug,
when "File#read(X)" for textmode finishes inside of CRLF, stream keeps CR unread against m...


02:58 AM Ruby trunk Feature #6198 (Assigned): public/protected/private with attr_*
I'd like to set visibility like this:
class X
protected attr_accessor :x, :y
attached patch(for 1...

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