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10:52 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13332 (Feedback): Forwardable#def_instance_delegator nil
I'd like to suggest an extension to the signature of stdlib Forwardable#def_instance_delegator
currently (ruby 2.3...


03:22 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13244 (Rejected): stdlib/Logger: add option: level
I'd like to suggest
to enhance the interface of stdlib/logger
The #new method should allow for an option to set t...


07:06 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12685 (Feedback): malloc error: pointer being freed was not allocated
ruby crashed
- never seen that before
- should never happen
- looks serious to me
I'm using ruby 2.3.1p112 (20...


11:36 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12625 (Open): TypeError.assert, ArgumentError.assert
I am well aware that ruby is not typed (and so for a good reason)
But sometimes it makes sense to check the types ...
10:02 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12624 (Rejected): !== (other)
I'd like to suggest a new syntactic feature.
There should be an operator `!==`
which should just return the negat...


08:19 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12482: should give a better description
OK, that change would break the spec.
I do understand that breaking the spec something that we rarely want to do.


09:41 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12482 (Open): should give a better description
~~~ruby => #<ArgumentError: ArgumentError> => "A...


10:53 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11817 (Open): map.parallel
I'd like to suggest a new method: #parallel
That method should take care of executing workloads in parallel across...


09:55 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11791 (Feedback): The literal quotes should accept more quote characters (aka more unicode characters)
I frequently use literal quoting, aka %q[], %w[], %i[]
I'd like to suggest that the set of quoting characters shou...


01:49 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11745 (Closed): saving bits
Hi at the ruby team,
Sometimes we are still working with bits: these yes/no things.
But even a bit is an object, ...

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