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10:53 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11817 (Open): map.parallel
I'd like to suggest a new method: #parallel
That method should take care of executing workloads in parallel across...


09:55 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11791 (Feedback): The literal quotes should accept more quote characters (aka more unico...
I frequently use literal quoting, aka %q[], %w[], %i[]
I'd like to suggest that the set of quoting characters shou...


01:49 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11745 (Closed): saving bits
Hi at the ruby team,
Sometimes we are still working with bits: these yes/no things.
But even a bit is an object, ...


10:16 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11530 (Feedback): unicode planes
Back then, there was ASCII, 7bit.
We are somehow still stuck to this.
All the parsing still is stuck in that ol...
09:07 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11529 (Feedback): extensible % literal declarations
The ruby syntax provides for declaring literals by using the % escapes:
- %q(foo) => 'foo'
- %Q(foo) => "foo"
- ...


09:12 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11508: Hash#eql? does not respect hash ordering
ruby5 -> ruby3
maybe we should try it in rails support first.
09:07 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11508 (Closed): Hash#eql? does not respect hash ordering
=> true
The `eql?` (aka `==`) operator on hashes does not compare the ord...


10:55 PM Ruby trunk Feature #8437: custom operators, unicode
There have been comments on this feature request.
I'd like to suggest that the unicode symbols from:


10:30 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10737 (Closed): probes.dmyh (and others) not removed on make clean / make distclean
Some files that are generated by building ruby are not removed upon make clean or make distclean.
This is problema...
09:42 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10736 (Rejected): configure does not check for missing ruby
The ./configure script should check if a version of ruby is installed.
Currently not such check is performed.

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