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10:22 AM Ruby master Misc #18761: provide an example wasm project
Thank you for reporting. `ruby/ruby.wasm` repository provides a simple example and prebuilt rubies to try it easily. ... katei (Yuta Saito)


04:13 PM Ruby master Revision 44d0caa1 (git): dir.c: refresh pathtype when emulating `IFTODT` in `glob_helper`
When using `IFTODT` defined in libc, `dirent.d_type` oriented pathtype
is compatible with `IFTODT(stat.st_mode)`. How...
katei (Yuta Saito)


08:44 AM Ruby master Revision e9553a8c (git): spec: skip specs where set TZ environment variable for WASI
WASI doesn't respect TZ env var for now katei (Yuta Saito)
08:33 AM Ruby master Revision 7023b3d3 (git): spec: disable a part of spec where spawns a process for WASI
WASI doesn't provide a way to spawn a new process katei (Yuta Saito)
03:26 AM Ruby master Revision e499d326 (git): spec: disable part of require_relative spec where uses symlink for WASI
cap-std, an underlying sandbox implementation of WASI in wasmtime, doesn't
allow to create a symlink to an absolute p...
katei (Yuta Saito)


01:25 AM Ruby master Revision 459bbdeb (git): wasm/ add manual config.guess download and autoconf steps
Autoconf distributed with Ubuntu 22.04 is very old and doesn't support
WASI as an OS, so add instructions to download...
katei (Yuta Saito)


02:05 PM Ruby master Revision b1bcad5e (git): spec: skip '~' test for wasi due to lack of shell
katei (Yuta Saito)
02:04 PM Ruby master Revision fe2e5c13 (git): spec: skip ruby_exe tests for wasi due to lack of subprocess
katei (Yuta Saito)


01:43 PM Ruby master Revision 77f3f8a1 (git): propagate MINIRUBY to even though invoking from
This is another attempt to fix out-of-src build with
--with-static-linked-ext. The first attempt was
katei (Yuta Saito)


08:13 AM Ruby master Revision 2b5097b8 (git): vm_method.c: avoid signature mismatch in rb_f_notimplement call
`rb_f_notimplement` has a similar signature with arity=-1, but it has an
extra marker argument to distinguish it from...
katei (Yuta Saito)

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