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08:02 AM Ruby master Bug #20495: Running "make clean" deletes critical "coroutine/amd64/Context.S" file and causes "make" to fail
I guess it happens when building in-place on case-insensitive fs platform due to this line: katei (Yuta Saito)


12:55 AM Ruby master Feature #20470: Extract Ruby's Garbage Collector
+1 for extracting GC implementation of `gc.c` into a separate `gc_impl.c` file.
My motivation: Some of the use cases...
katei (Yuta Saito)


05:36 AM Ruby master Revision 80adf6a1 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Accept WASI as an OS name in Gem::Platform katei (Yuta Saito)


05:26 AM Ruby master Feature #20345 (Closed): Add `--target-rbconfig` option to mkmf
Applied in changeset commit:git|8b55aaa85ca3b5333e6659f0f0b1eabdd0b9491b.
[Feature #20345] Add `--target-...
katei (Yuta Saito)
05:24 AM Ruby master Revision 8b55aaa8 (git): [Feature #20345] Add `--target-rbconfig` option to mkmf
Introduce a new mkmf option `--target-rbconfig` to specify the RbConfig
file for the deployment target platform. This...
katei (Yuta Saito)


02:36 AM Ruby master Feature #20345: Add `--target-rbconfig` option to mkmf
> It seems ambiguous when multiple --target-rbconfig options are given.
Nice catch, I prefer to respect the last o...
katei (Yuta Saito)


05:16 PM Ruby master Feature #20345: Add `--target-rbconfig` option to mkmf
Here are patches for Nokogiri and rake-compiler:
katei (Yuta Saito)
04:26 PM Ruby master Feature #20345 (Closed): Add `--target-rbconfig` option to mkmf

## Motivation
Today, CRuby runs on many platforms. But not all platforms are capable of running build tools (e.g...
katei (Yuta Saito)


06:36 AM Ruby master Revision ef5af327 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Clear `RUBY_CODESIGN` env var while running tests
The `RUBY_CODESIGN` environment variable is used by mkmf-generated
Makefile to sign extension bundles on macOS. The v...
katei (Yuta Saito)


03:57 PM Ruby master Revision 0d9a681e (git): enc: Expand substitution variables in by default
This change makes `make_encmake.rb` expand all substitution variables
when replacing them in `enc/` to avo...
katei (Yuta Saito)

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