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07:40 PM Ruby master Bug #9115: Logger traps all exceptions; breaks Timeout
The source code for 2.1.2 doesn't seem to have changed: the LogDevice::write method still does a rescue Exception and... wpaulson (Bill Paulson)


05:45 PM Ruby master Bug #10104 (Rejected): Fileutils cp_r fails on sockets or fifes even if File.mknod and File.mkfifo are defined
Briefly, our code uses cp_r to copy a directory structure whose contents seem to occasionally have a Unix domain sock... wpaulson (Bill Paulson)


03:27 AM Ruby master Bug #6558 (Rejected): Crash in garbage collection - using caller inside finalizer method
While debugging a hangup in a daemon, created the following program that crashes intermittently in 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 (d... wpaulson (Bill Paulson)

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