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08:17 PM Ruby trunk Revision 59011 (trunk): array.c: docs for Array#{sort,sort!}
* array.c: [DOC] make example in the docs for Array#{sort,sort!}
match the call-seq and description by using the sa...
12:19 PM Ruby trunk Bug #8867 (Closed): Mailing lists' controller addresses not working
11:57 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13275: RDoc bug for "Document-method: []"
The docs for Proc#call have been fixed with above workaround in r57767 and related backports; the bug still exists, t...


09:29 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13621 (Closed): String#split returns an array longer than given limit, when passing a regexp with groups
Applied in changeset trunk|r59002.
string.c: docs for String#split
* string.c: [DOC] clarify docs for St...
09:29 PM Ruby trunk Revision 59002 (trunk): string.c: docs for String#split
* string.c: [DOC] clarify docs for String#split when called
with limit and capture groups.
Reported by Cichol Tsa...


06:17 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58972 (trunk): object.c: improve docs
* object.c: [DOC] add an example for Object#yield_self that
better illustrates its purpose; other small improvement...


03:14 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58888 (trunk): hash.c: docs for Hash#transform_values
* hash.c: [DOC] fix return value in call-seq of Hash#transform_values;
other small fixes.
08:34 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58885 (trunk): dir.c: document base keyword argument of Dir.glob
* dir.c: [DOC] document the new `base` keyword argument of Dir.glob
[Feature #13056]; also improve docs for Dir.glo...
07:50 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58884 (trunk): dir.c: docs for Dir.each_child and Dir.children
* dir.c: [DOC] fix examples for Dir.each_child and Dir.children.


08:05 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13312: String#casecmp raises TypeError instead of returning nil
I did not include the type check in `str_casecmp`, which seems superfluous to me. I also adjusted the tests, docs, an...

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