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Ruby Committer 08/20/2015
Backport187 Committer 08/20/2015
Backport191 Committer 08/20/2015
Backport192 Committer 08/20/2015
Backport193 Committer 08/20/2015
Backport200 Committer 08/20/2015
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02:21 PM Ruby master Revision 03c54a09 (git): Revert "Revert "Replace an deprecated constant with a new one in did_you_mean""
This reverts commit 1527f7569b0412f3bc7ac98a3461e59a4891ed96. yuki24 (Yuki Nishijima)
02:20 PM Ruby master Revision f9712b02 (git): Sync did_you_mean
yuki24 (Yuki Nishijima)


01:48 AM Ruby master Revision 1527f756 (git): Revert "Replace an deprecated constant with a new one in did_you_mean"
This reverts commit 573d9d3a4a0f112379874cedf4e494515e4b3f15. yuki24 (Yuki Nishijima)
01:09 AM Ruby master Revision de841e2e (git): Revert the commits for did_you_mean
This reverts commit feaf4fbc3fa16382fbd07158c448c7b5bdae78b5.
This reverts commit 0d4bfbdbe1f880c712b3e60de5fce423e60...
yuki24 (Yuki Nishijima)
12:43 AM Ruby master Revision feaf4fbc (git): Remove test that activates Ractor unexpectedly
yuki24 (Yuki Nishijima)


12:21 PM Ruby master Revision 573d9d3a (git): Replace an deprecated constant with a new one in did_you_mean
yuki24 (Yuki Nishijima)
12:02 PM Ruby master Revision 0d4bfbdb (git): * gems/default_gems: Fix typos
yuki24 (Yuki Nishijima)
11:29 AM Ruby master Revision ac4e0978 (git): * gems/default_gems: Sync did_you_mean
yuki24 (Yuki Nishijima)


01:10 PM Ruby master Revision cdb7d699 (git): Revert commits for did_you_mean
This reverts commit 4560091b1c99ab33db0d653b9dd2d977fe4676d5.
This reverts commit a6f76122a2395bd914daa0aa04fb5a6ce4e...
yuki24 (Yuki Nishijima)
01:00 PM Ruby master Revision 4560091b (git): * gems/default_gems: Make the SPELL_CHECKERS constant as compatible as possible
yuki24 (Yuki Nishijima)

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