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12:58 PM Ruby master Bug #18658: Need openssl 3 support for Ubuntu 22.04 (Ruby 2.7.x and 3.0.x)
Having helped several co-workers to install ruby-2.7 and 3.0 on their Ubuntu-22.04, I support backporting the openssl... larskanis (Lars Kanis)


10:39 AM Ruby master Feature #18655: Copy `IO#wait_readable`, `IO#wait_writable`, `IO#wait_priority` and `IO#wait` into core.
IMHO the problem with IO#wait is that its return value not well defined. Here is the issue: larskanis (Lars Kanis)


03:06 PM Ruby master Feature #18576: Rename `ASCII-8BIT` encoding to `BINARY`
Having solved a lot of encoding issues for co-workers, especially on Windows, I'm with @Eregon. As the programmers be... larskanis (Lars Kanis)


01:11 AM Ruby master Revision eebc2421 (git): [DOC] Fix reference in rb_enc_associate() description
larskanis (Lars Kanis)
12:59 AM Ruby master Revision 1a20bb1c (git): [DOC] Fix function name in example
larskanis (Lars Kanis)


11:10 AM Ruby master Revision fff058a8 (git): Add description of ruby header files to extension.rdoc
larskanis (Lars Kanis)


07:45 AM Ruby master Feature #12495: Make "private" return the arguments again, for chaining
I stumbled several times upon this issue. The semantics as described above are OK, IMHO. It would be nice if the patc... larskanis (Lars Kanis)


10:53 AM Ruby master Feature #17845: Windows Ruby - ucrt build?
IMHO the PR is ready to be merged. Are the platform strings OK as summarized i... larskanis (Lars Kanis)


09:26 AM Ruby master Revision 7e36b915 (git): Add Windows as a supported OS for Process.clock_gettime [ci skip]
larskanis (Lars Kanis)


09:49 AM Ruby master Revision 9c058270 (git): Fix example fiber scheduler reg. writable events
There were two issues:
1. When an IO object is waiting for writablility only (as in test_tcp_accept) the selected ha...
larskanis (Lars Kanis)

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