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12:53 AM Ruby master Feature #8499: Importing Hash#slice, Hash#slice!, Hash#except, and Hash#except! from ActiveSupport
Yay, +1 for `slice` & `except`
BTW, makes no sense to me if `h[:foo, :bar]` returns keys and values in a
hash whi...
claytrump (Clay Trump)


03:53 AM Ruby master Feature #7322: Add a new operator name #>< for bit-wise "exclusive or"
Sorry, I didn't read the whole thread, but why not use the right operators?

g = 9.81 * m / s ** 2

claytrump (Clay Trump)


02:53 PM Ruby master Feature #7349: Struct#inspect needs more meaningful output
I like it too. Could even be:

# => [Point,, :y), Struct, Enumerable, Ob...
claytrump (Clay Trump)


01:53 PM Ruby master Bug #6832: Module#instance_method and Module#method_defined? act inconsistently w.r.t #respond_to_missing?
+1, at least for instance_method returning an UnboundMethod.

On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 11:25 PM, mame (Yusuke Endo...
claytrump (Clay Trump)


05:23 AM Ruby master Feature #1586: Including a module already present in ancestors should not be ignored
I'm looking forward to consistent module inclusion :-)

I should have talked about Marc-andre's example with mul...
claytrump (Clay Trump)


12:53 PM Ruby master Feature #6847: Hash#extract
Oh my, what a disaster. I wonder who made the crazy decision that hash
slice would returned a slice of the hash an...
claytrump (Clay Trump)
01:23 AM Ruby master Feature #6847: Hash#extract
> It's definitely like extract! in ActiveSupport, just non-destructive.

There is no "extract!" in ActiveSupp...
claytrump (Clay Trump)


02:53 AM Ruby master Feature #6847: Hash#extract
Isn't that like the method slice in ActiveSupport?

On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 1:01 PM, citizen428 (Michael Kohl) <
claytrump (Clay Trump)


07:53 AM Ruby master Feature #6731: add new method "Object.present?" as a counter to #empty?
Hum, wouldn't this conflict with Rails? In Rails, " ".present? is
falseclass Object

> def present?...
claytrump (Clay Trump)


12:23 AM Ruby master Feature #4985: Add %S[] support for making a list of symbols
+1, I'd use that a lot.

Do we need two versions? Why not always interpolate? Can't see who's going
to need a ...
claytrump (Clay Trump)

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