Reported issues: 63


12:43 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11084 (Open): Use rb-readline instead of ext/readline
Users who want to build ruby needs to prepare readline library.
Example for https://github.com/sstephenson/ruby-bui...
12:07 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11083 (Open): Gemify net-telnet
net-telnet has no maintainer. but some issue is available.
ref. #8837 #8669 #8324
I propose to gemify net-telnet...
11:59 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11082 (Open): Remove condition of RUBY_VERSION < 1.9
I found needless condition at pathname.rb
Ruby trunk should support only latest version of ruby :)
11:46 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50365: * test/ruby/test_object.rb: renamed tests to explicitly class name.
[fix GH-877] Patch by @yui-knk


03:55 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50351: * ext/openssl/*: use license instead of licence.
[fix GH-876][ci skip] Patch by @davydovanton
* lib/net/https.rb: ditto.
03:45 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50350: * benchmark/bm_so_meteor_contest.rb: fix a typo.
[fix GH-876][ci skip] Patch by @davydovanton
* tool/bisect.sh: ditto.
* tool/update-deps: ditto.


01:37 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50320: * doc/contributors.rdoc: fix a typo. Patch by @davydovanton
[fix GH-872][ci skip]
* doc/syntax/methods.rdoc: ditto.
* ext/digest/sha2/sha2.c: ditto.
* ext/socket/ipsocket.c: dit...


09:40 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50270: * ext/json/json.gemspec: bump version to 1.8.2.
* ext/json/lib/json/version.rb: ditto.
09:12 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50269: * ext/json/json.gemspec, lib/rdoc/rdoc.gemspec: added gemspec directly.
* defs/default_gems, tool/rbinstall.rb: removed default_gems definition.
it make simple installation for default gems.
08:36 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50267: * ext/json/*, test/json/*: Reverted r50231. Because it's not works with
cross-compile environment.

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