hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA)





05:26 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13199: Gemify strscan
I requested to remove `strscan` name from a reserved list of at 2weeks ago. But I didn't get it response.
05:15 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14182 (Closed): Backport r55265
02:21 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61219 (trunk): Added `test-bundler` and `test-bundled-gems` to `make help` entries`.


08:48 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14172 (Closed): Cannot create snapshot
Hi Vit. Thanks always.
I confirmed to `make-snapshot` was broken.
06:47 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13508: How remove/refactor code related mathn library.
I gave up to apply at Ruby 2.5. I try this next year.
05:52 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61201 (trunk): Bump version to etc-1.0.0 as default gems.
05:24 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61200 (trunk): Bump version to csv-1.0.0 as default gems.
02:43 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61199 (trunk): Modify git clone command
The previous git clone command is not work, the protocol in URL should be https
[fix GH-1772]
02:38 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14112 (Rejected): Follow style conventions for Ruby code
01:55 AM Ruby trunk Bug #5060: Executables in bin folder conflict with their gem versions.
I understood this issue. I try to resolve current specification at Ruby 2.6.

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