hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA)





08:10 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60009 (trunk): Added NEWS entry for r60008
07:52 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60008 (trunk): Removed ubygems.rb. rubygems.rb is always loaded now.
* tool/sync_default_gems.rb: removed ubygems.rb from sync target.
* test/rubygems/test_gem.rb: only enable "-rubyge...


08:33 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13905 (Assigned): files in gemspec
default gems の `Gem::Specification#files` は記載されていても、実際には処理されないので、便宜上 upstream または gem としてリリースされているファイルを記載するようにしています。
04:37 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59997 (trunk): removed bin/bundle_ruby, It was ignored upstream gemspec.
* spec/bundler/other/*: Marked exclude tags for ruby repository.
02:57 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59996 (trunk): update section styles for psych, rubygems, bundler.
02:55 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59995 (trunk): Added sections of pysch library to LEGAL.
* ext/psych/yaml/LICENSE: Integrate libyaml license to LEGAL and
removed this file from repository.
02:37 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59994 (trunk): Added bundler's license to LEGAL.
02:26 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59993 (trunk): Added missing "ubygems.rb" file of rubygems to LEGAL.
02:24 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59992 (trunk): Integrate LICENSE file of rubygems to LEGAL.


09:30 AM Ruby trunk Bug #8037 (Rejected): rdoc issues preventing docs generating after ruby was compiled and are already closed.

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