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11:10 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4326: Fiber should respond to call() and []
I understood what you meant, and agree in principle. I wanted to think about the implications given that (a) ...


06:35 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4323: Proc#hash is Ill-Behaved
> I'm not so sure I'd expect Proc#hash to be equal in these cases. Of course, I don't feel like
> Procs th...
06:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #4323 (Closed): Proc#hash is Ill-Behaved
Proc#hash is not predictable for receivers that are #eql?

irb> ->{}.hash
=> -1250381286238705...


01:11 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4234 (Closed): Hash#default_proc= Doesn't Accept nil Argument
The initial value of a Hash's default Proc is the block passed to or nil. Hash#default_proc= can se...
12:20 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4233 (Closed): autoload Can't Require Gems
Is it intentional that when used via `autoload`, `require` can't handle Gem names?

12:06 AM Ruby trunk Bug #4058: __method__ does not return correct method name for aliased methods
> This is intended. Originally, __callee__ and __method__ were equivalent, except in aliased methods where th...


02:20 AM Ruby trunk Bug #3760: help "" (for example) no longer works in irb
Please reopen.

=> 30404
>> help ''
NoMethodError: undefined method `get...


10:56 PM Ruby trunk Feature #4038: IO#advise
> Please check-in, but I think symbol initialization (:normal etc.) is
> needed only when posix_fadvise(2) i...
03:18 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4015: File::DIRECT Constant for O_DIRECT
> May I ask current status of this proposal? (Why no assignment)

I was wondering the same thing.

> I th...
03:01 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4151: Enumerable#categorize
> pp ary.categorize {|e| [e[1], e[0]] }
> #=>
> {"Yukihiro Matsumoto"=>["matz"],
> "Nobuyoshi Nakada"=>[...

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