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06:03 PM Backport187 Backport #5664 (Closed): Webrick broken FD_CLOEXEC
ruby-1.8.7-p352 $ grep -R CLOEXEC .
./ext/fcntl/fcntl.c: * - FD_CLOEXEC - the value of the close-on-exec flag.
candlerb (Brian Candler)


04:45 AM Backport187 Feature #4996: About 1.8.7 EOL
Shyouhei Urabe wrote:
> The world's gonna move to 1.9. You've lost your war (for at least three years now),
> that...
candlerb (Brian Candler)


05:42 AM Backport187 Feature #4996: About 1.8.7 EOL
I'm afraid its current format may not lend itself wel...
candlerb (Brian Candler)
04:59 AM Backport187 Feature #4996: About 1.8.7 EOL
I'm a lone voice in the wilderness, but when ruby 1.8 is gone, I'm gone. Ruby won't miss me, but I'll miss Ruby. I've... candlerb (Brian Candler)


06:11 PM Ruby master Feature #4645 (Feedback): Pass existing buffer to getsockopt
There are cases when you need to pass a pre-initialized buffer to
getsockopt, but ruby currently doesn't support thi...
candlerb (Brian Candler)


07:14 PM Ruby 1.8 Bug #4496: ri can't describe Kernel.warn
Sorry about garbled text formatting.

$ ruby -v
ruby 1.8.7 (2010-06-23 patchlevel 299) [x86_64-lin...
candlerb (Brian Candler)
07:11 PM Ruby 1.8 Bug #4496 (Rejected): ri can't describe Kernel.warn
It appears to be impossible to read documentation on Kernel.warn, due to overlapping matches.
$ ruby -v
candlerb (Brian Candler)


06:07 PM Ruby master Bug #3718 (Closed): [doc] ri doesn't document Object#<=>
1.9.2 apparently implements Object#<=> (or Kernel#<=> ?)

$ irb192 --simple-prompt
>> <=> Ob...
candlerb (Brian Candler)


07:54 PM Backport187 Backport #2361: "undefined method in 'targetnamespace='" in wsdl/import after upgrading to Snow Leopard/1.8.7
Another wsdl which shows the same problem:

Note tha...
candlerb (Brian Candler)


06:26 PM Backport187 Backport #3200 (Closed): String#gsub! doesn't error on frozen string
gsub! does not raise an error on a frozen string unless a change is actually made. e.g.

>> s = "a".free...
candlerb (Brian Candler)

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