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06:14 PM Ruby master Bug #19297: Don't download content from internet to execute Ruby test suite
For a fix on our side. We could:
## Switch to test-unit
Update `syntax_suggest` to use test unit instead of rsp...
schneems (Richard Schneeman)


10:14 PM Ruby master Bug #19173: syntax_suggest segfaults on syntax error when refinement activated
Line 25 is the require which seems odd schneems (Richard Schneeman)
12:36 AM Ruby master Revision 85a1c67a (git): [ruby/syntax_suggest] Add temp support for 3.2.0-preview{3,2,1}
This SyntaxError#path feature only exists in Ruby HEAD. Until it is released in a preview I want to continue to suppo... schneems (Richard Schneeman)


03:58 AM Ruby master Revision d6e91784 (git): Update SyntaxSuggest to use angle brackets `>`
$ ruby tool/sync_default_gems.rb syntax_suggest
Sync ruby/syntax_suggest
schneems (Richard Schneeman)


11:55 AM Ruby master Revision 476700c0 (git): [ruby/syntax_suggest] v1.0.0 schneems (Richard Schneeman)
11:55 AM Ruby master Revision 4d51a0b4 (git): [ruby/syntax_suggest] Failing test for #157 schneems (Richard Schneeman)
11:55 AM Ruby master Revision f64ba0fa (git): [ruby/syntax_suggest] Do not output "Syntax OK" when there's an error
Due to a problem with ripper we do not recognize `break` as invalid code. It's confusing that "Syntax OK" is output i... schneems (Richard Schneeman)


12:21 AM Ruby master Feature #19138: `SyntaxError#path` for syntax_suggest
I love the idea.
Instead of adding #line though if we could attach the source that would be more impactful for syn...
schneems (Richard Schneeman)


09:44 PM Ruby master Bug #19016: syntax_suggest is not working with Ruby 3.2.0-preview2
Thank you all for looking at this issue. I have some more cycles now. I took a look at the explanation and the PR. I ... schneems (Richard Schneeman)


11:22 PM Ruby master Feature #18159: Integrate functionality of syntax_suggest gem into Ruby
Thank you all for your help, this is exciting! schneems (Richard Schneeman)

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