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03:32 AM Ruby master Bug #17621: Ripper can call on_parse_error multiple times for syntax error. Is this correct?
> What do you mean by "more context"?
The responses from Ilya here make sense
schneems (Richard Schneeman)


03:09 PM Ruby master Feature #17297 (Open): Feature: Introduce Pathname.mktmpdir

When I want to create a tmpdir I often want to manipulate it as a pathname. By introducing Pathname.mktmpdir I can ...
schneems (Richard Schneeman)
03:08 PM Ruby master Feature #17296 (Open): Feature: Pathname#chmod use FileUtils.chmod instead of File

The `FileUtils.chmod` provides the same numerical interface as `File.chmod` and it also includes a "symbolic mode...
schneems (Richard Schneeman)
03:06 PM Ruby master Feature #17295 (Open): Feature: Create a directory and file with Pathname#touch

Right now if a developer wants to create a file and is not sure if the path exists yet or not they must:
schneems (Richard Schneeman)
03:04 PM Ruby master Feature #17294 (Open): Feature: Allow method chaining with Pathname#mkpath Pathname#rmtree

Currently in my code when I want to create a pathname object and create a path at the same time I must use tap
schneems (Richard Schneeman)


06:33 PM Ruby master Feature #17287 (Open): Faster Pathname FileUtils methods
I have a patch that I would like to merge into Pathname for increased performance. I understand that akr maintains pa... schneems (Richard Schneeman)


07:29 PM Ruby master Bug #17158 (Closed): Ractor Segfault when using shell and puts
Here is my example repo:
This is the commit of Ruby I...
schneems (Richard Schneeman)


05:57 PM Ruby master Feature #14145: Proposal: Better Method#inspect
Thanks a ton for the proposal and feature. I love the idea of getting source location info by default! schneems (Richard Schneeman)


05:22 AM Ruby master Feature #16150: Add a way to request a frozen string from to_s
Thank you for writing up the proposal. This would certainly helped my optimization case. Here’s the PR I referenced i... schneems (Richard Schneeman)


06:57 PM Ruby master Revision 94b79bff (git): Add word "Euler's number" to Math::E docs
When searching for this constant, I landed on the correct page however I wa... schneems (Richard Schneeman)

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