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03:29 PM Ruby master Feature #15799: pipeline operator
Seeing `|>` my assumption would be that you could use it in the functional style, so you could do:
``` ruby
42 |>...
shan (Shannon Skipper)


10:09 AM Ruby master Feature #13821: Allow fibers to be resumed across threads
If automatic detection of whether a Fiber is shareable across Threads isn't viable, it would be really, really nice t... shan (Shannon Skipper)


08:28 PM Ruby master Feature #13821: Allow fibers to be resumed across threads
bascule (Tony Arcieri) wrote:
> There's a simple solution to this: track if a given fiber is holding mutexes (e.g. k...
shan (Shannon Skipper)


09:35 PM Ruby master Feature #15393: Add compilation flags to freeze Array and Hash literals
I had the same thought as shevy, that it'd be nice to have a:
~~~ ruby
# frozen_literals: true
It might a...
shan (Shannon Skipper)


05:58 PM Ruby master Feature #13618: [PATCH] auto fiber schedule for rb_wait_for_single_fd and rb_waitpid
Thread::Light seems nice. Or how about Thread::Feather? A thread as light as a feather. shan (Shannon Skipper)


07:58 PM Ruby master Feature #6284: Add composition for procs
I used this proposal along with #14781 for a fun solution to a problem proposed in the #ruby irc channel: https://gis... shan (Shannon Skipper)


06:37 PM Ruby master Feature #6284: Add composition for procs
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) wrote:
> We need more discussion if we would add combination methods to the `Symbol` class...
shan (Shannon Skipper)


04:23 PM Ruby master Bug #14634: Queue#push seems to crash after fork
Hi, we've also been running into this at work. Thanks for the fix and backport! We look forward to a 2.5.2 release. shan (Shannon Skipper)


08:40 PM Ruby master Feature #13683: Add strict Enumerable#single
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) wrote:
> How about `Enumerable#just(num=1)` or `Enumerable#only(num=1)`?
Or maybe a sligh...
shan (Shannon Skipper)


03:54 PM Ruby master Bug #14935: Inconsitent behaviour with puts and enumerator with different block format.
#puts returns `nil`, so when you're mapping you end up with `[nil, nil, nil]`, which prints with #puts as three blank... shan (Shannon Skipper)

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