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06:35 AM Ruby master Feature #13683: Add strict Enumerable#single
How about #sole since it means one and only and is concise?
``` ruby
#!> SoleError: empty Array when single ...
shan (Shannon Skipper)


06:57 PM Ruby master Feature #16894: Integer division for Ruby 3
I'd really rather not deal with Floats unless absolutely necessary.
Raku (Perl 6) and Clojure's default division t...
shan (Shannon Skipper)
06:03 PM Ruby master Feature #16898: Modify the syntax of -> lambda expressions in ruby3
To me, this
``` ruby
-> lightness { lightness }
Is prettier than
lambda { |lightness| lightne...
shan (Shannon Skipper)
05:54 PM Ruby master Feature #16899: Add method `Array#both_end`
I think #both_ends reads better in the plural form. Or #first_last harkens to #min_max and is unambiguous. Other opti... shan (Shannon Skipper)


04:33 PM Ruby master Feature #16838: Enumerator::ArithmeticSequence missing allocator for #clone and #dup
After I filed this, al203-cr on #ruby IRC pointed out this seems intentional since `rb_undef_alloc_func(rb_cArithSeq)... shan (Shannon Skipper)
04:12 PM Ruby master Feature #16838 (Open): Enumerator::ArithmeticSequence missing allocator for #clone and #dup
In Ruby 2.5, with an Enumerator:
``` ruby
#=> Enumerator
In Ruby 2.6, with an Enumerator::A...
shan (Shannon Skipper)


03:33 AM Ruby master Feature #16824 (Rejected): Follow RubyGems naming conventions for the stdlib
It's been really nice that most gems these days follow the RubyGems naming convention, so you know exactly what to re... shan (Shannon Skipper)


05:17 PM Ruby master Feature #16781: alias :fold :reduce
0x81000000 (/ /) wrote:
> 2. Name "fold" is more common/popular than "reduce" or "inject".
I was surprised to hea...
shan (Shannon Skipper)


06:15 PM Ruby master Feature #16615: Group style access scope for macros
The idea of attrs returning a Symbol was rejected in:
Your example doesn't ...
shan (Shannon Skipper)


12:38 AM Ruby master Misc #16483: How about stopping new *.tar.bz2 releases?
If bz2 removal goes forward, it might be nice to deprecate now but not remove until later. It'd be ideal to have work... shan (Shannon Skipper)

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