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09:04 PM Ruby master Bug #6085: Treatment of Wrong Number of Arguments
Martin Dürst wrote:
> While we are at it, can we also change the extremely cryptic "for".
> Whenever I see an error...
mfn (Markus Fischer)


06:48 AM Ruby master Bug #5949: Add documentation introduction for the Encoding class
Impressive, thanks!
I think you have a typo on line 1698 ; if it's supposed to be a ruby code example, the Encodin...
mfn (Markus Fischer)


02:10 AM Ruby master Bug #5057 (Closed): Update readline docs to contain completion examples
I've been given permission from Joseph Pecoraro to use all or parts of this readline tutorial ( mfn (Markus Fischer)


05:37 AM Ruby master Bug #4914: Array#index fails when used in if statement assignment
It "works" for me if you change the `&&` to `and`; so I think it's a precedence issue you're facing here.
I think ...
mfn (Markus Fischer)


05:23 AM Ruby master Feature #666: Enumerable::to_hash

On 09.06.2011 20:26, Marc-Andre Lafortune wrote:
> You might want to read the thread [ruby-core:33683] on...
mfn (Markus Fischer)


11:03 PM Ruby master Feature #666: Enumerable::to_hash
Arnau Sanchez wrote:
> I don't know if it's polite to comment in old closed issues, excuse me if it's not.
> I ...
mfn (Markus Fischer)
01:23 AM Ruby master Feature #4824: Provide method Kernel#executed?

I take the courtesy to hijack this because ...

On 08.06.2011 13:31, Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas wrote:
mfn (Markus Fischer)


06:55 AM Ruby master Bug #4759 (Closed): Successful URI.parse to URI::HTTP can result in an error in request_uri
When passing a weird-formed uri to URI.parse which gets successfully parsed, calling request_uri bombs out with undef... mfn (Markus Fischer)

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