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04:05 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9607: Change the full GC timing
I wonder if it might not be better to give the user control? Specifically, consider a web application. It would mak...


11:53 AM ruby-trunk Feature #7854: New method Symbol[string]
Is this feature request rejected? I thought it would be in 2.1

On 10/01/2013 06:15 PM, Student (Nathan Zook...


10:15 AM ruby-trunk Feature #7854: New method Symbol[string]
This was set to "next minor" a LONG time ago, but I don't see it in 2.1. ??? This would aid security in a couple of...


01:46 PM ruby-trunk Feature #8468: Remove $SAFE
jballanc (Joshua Ballanco) wrote:
> ... Clojure community recently went through with regards to *read-eval* (a discu...


04:47 PM ruby-trunk Feature #8468: Remove $SAFE
headius (Charles Nutter) wrote:
> $SAFE is not a good security option for at least a few reasons:
> * It requir...
03:57 PM ruby-trunk Feature #8468: Remove $SAFE
boris_stitnicky (Boris Stitnicky) wrote:
> @Nathan: Do you mean that Perl has $SAFE = 1 by default?
No, I'm sayin...


12:38 PM ruby-trunk Feature #8468: Remove $SAFE
One wonders where everyone has been for the last five months. The entire Rails security fiasco would have been avoid...


06:44 AM ruby-trunk Bug #8298: Module include inconsistency
I think that perhaps I was too brief. My complaint is only that N precedes M (and C) in the ancestor list. The othe...


04:05 PM ruby-trunk Bug #8299: Minor error in float parsing
The story on x87 is not precisely as you say. Yes, everything is stored in 80 bits. However, you can set precision ...


12:44 PM ruby-trunk Bug #8299: Minor error in float parsing
Double calculations are not in themselves platform dependent except in the IEEE-754 boundary cases. These boundaries...

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