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03:35 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15456: Adopt some kind of consistent versioning mechanism
> These days many people specify versions in Gemfile like gem "some-libs", "< 2".
> Bumping casually Semantic Versio...
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07:19 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9967: `define_method(:name, &block)` breaks the use of the block on its own
I tried to work around this bug by duplicating the proc with `.dup` but it seems that dup doesn't actually duplicate ... JonRowe (Jon Rowe)


08:01 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9397: Lambda#=== raises `ArgumentError` if the lambda accepts 0 args or requires more than 1
This seems odd behaviour, given that in normal usage you'd never be able to satisfy the constraint to avoid the Argum... JonRowe (Jon Rowe)


11:49 AM Ruby trunk Feature #8191: Short-hand syntax for duck-typing
@wardrop The reason we all love Ruby is because it makes us happy. This suggestion makes me unhappy, so I'm saying so... JonRowe (Jon Rowe)
11:01 AM Ruby trunk Feature #8191: Short-hand syntax for duck-typing
Although this is just my 2ยข... I think this is a bad idea... and here's why...
1) One of the principles of good sof...
JonRowe (Jon Rowe)

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