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04:12 PM Ruby master Feature #15573: Permit zero step in Numeric#step and Range#step
> What is the purpose of a zero step? I cannot understand why/how it would be used.
> This is basically an infinit...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)


09:14 AM Ruby master Feature #16812: Allow slicing arrays with ArithmeticSequence
> But a negative start with a non-negative end is quite weird. What is that operation even supposed to mean? What is ... zverok (Victor Shepelev)


04:22 PM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
Thinking a bit more about it, I see more of a conceptual problem.
Introducing new literal in a language, we kinda...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)
11:08 AM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
Another (unrelated, but conflicting) matter: I am not sure we have/had a discussion for this, but I remember Bozhidar... zverok (Victor Shepelev)
11:05 AM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
WDYT about half-solution (without syntax change)?
E.g. for me, the problem with `, :b).new(1, 2)` is n...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)
02:57 PM Ruby master Feature #16987 (Open): Enumerator::Lazy vs Array methods
Enumerations are designed to be greedy (immediately executed on each method call within a chain) by default. Sometime... zverok (Victor Shepelev)
12:38 PM Ruby master Feature #16746: Endless method definition
To add an "opinion perspective"... I, for one, even if not fascinated but at least intrigued by new syntax.
My rea...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)


11:11 AM Ruby master Misc #16933: DevelopersMeeting20200618Japan
* [Feature #15822] Add Hash#except (zverok)
* Last time it was discussed, Matz asked "We didn't see the need for H...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)


09:28 AM Ruby master Bug #16959: Weakmap has specs and third-party usage despite being a private API
Probably not only specs are "guilty", but also Ruby 2.7's changelog (and maybe, a small bit, [my rendering of it](htt... zverok (Victor Shepelev)


12:35 PM Ruby master Bug #16947: private method unexpected behavior zverok (Victor Shepelev)

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