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02:15 PM Ruby master Feature #18136: take_while_after
> In other words, your use case examples looked not so frequent to make it built-in.
Soooo... Let me summ...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)
12:15 PM Ruby master Feature #18136: take_while_after
> feels to me like `drop_after`
Hmm, this actually sounds like a good name.
> I want to see use cases wi...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)


10:00 AM Ruby master Feature #14579: Hash value omission
> I don't think using `if` as the name of a local variable is a good idea,
It is good (and widely used,...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)


12:21 PM Ruby master Feature #18136: take_while_after
I see two problems with your proposal:
* the `upto`, as somebody already pointed to me, is existing in Ruby w...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)


05:08 PM Ruby master Feature #18136: take_while_after
@nobu yeah, seems about right
(One aside notice is that we have several options for `slice_...`: after, before, wh...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)


11:29 AM Ruby master Feature #18136: take_while_after
.map { |offset| get_page(offset, limit) }
.take_while_after { |response| response.count == ...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)


09:28 AM Ruby master Misc #18122: DevelopersMeeting20210916Japan
* [Feature #18136] `take_while_after` (or `take_upto`)
* I have proposed it once a long time ago, but those exampl...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)
09:26 AM Ruby master Feature #18136 (Open): take_while_after
Sorry, I already tried that once (#16441) but I failed to produce the persuasive example.
So I am back with a couple...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)


06:24 AM Ruby master Bug #18044: unusual behavior with Arabic string in a Hash
If I'll copy-paste your example literally, and then...
# => ["a", "r", "a", "b", "i",...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)


07:44 AM Ruby master Feature #17859: Start IRB when running just `ruby`
Two observations from my experience with Python:
1. Python (in the modern default installation, I believe) has _tw...
zverok (Victor Shepelev)

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