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06:56 AM Ruby trunk Revision e572ff2f (git): Require version file relatively
deivid (David Rodríguez)


01:25 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15912 (Open): Allow some reentrancy during TracePoint events
I got a report in byebug about byebug being incompatible with zeitwerk. This one: deivid (David Rodríguez)


10:29 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15885 (Open): Duplicated `:raise` tracepoint event when exception inside `load` call happens
A long time ago, [this ruby-core change](
deivid (David Rodríguez)


12:48 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15868: Implement `File.absolute_path?`
I added a couple more specs to check that in deivid (David Rodríguez)


02:07 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15868: Implement `File.absolute_path?`
Thanks @nobu, I updated the patch! Copy-pasta... :| deivid (David Rodríguez)
12:25 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15868: Implement `File.absolute_path?`
I actually read the `Pathname` docs, which state:
* "However non-Unix pathnames are supported experimenta...
deivid (David Rodríguez)
09:53 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15868 (Open): Implement `File.absolute_path?`
Currently there's no way to check whether a path is absolute or not in a way that works accross OSs. The pathname lib... deivid (David Rodríguez)


03:43 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15856: Idempotent performance of Kernel.require with many activated gems is slow
I had a look at this. I manage to reproduce the issue only when requiring `openssl`. In general, I think it can be re... deivid (David Rodríguez)


04:05 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15861: Correctly parse `file:c:/path/to/file` URIs
This is definitely intentional behavior, by the way. This is how the current tests look:
u = URI("file:///c...
deivid (David Rodríguez)
04:02 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15861: Correctly parse `file:c:/path/to/file` URIs
Yep, that's correct.
The alternative is to use the alternative form, but as you point out, the preceding slash is ...
deivid (David Rodríguez)

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