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10:04 AM Ruby master Feature #8709: Dir.glob should return sorted file list
I got bit by this in the past too when trying to reproduce order dependent test failures ( deivid (David Rodríguez)


07:41 AM Ruby master Revision 0fab9005 (git): Vendor thor 1.0.0
deivid (David Rodríguez)
07:41 AM Ruby master Revision 9f431600 (git): Delegate should be supported now
Since `did_you_mean` dropped its dependency on it. deivid (David Rodríguez)


11:23 PM Ruby master Revision a2fc6a51 (git): [ruby/fileutils] Fix test failure under ruby 2.4
`Exception#full_message` is only defined on ruby 2.5.0 and above.
deivid (David Rodríguez)
11:22 PM Ruby master Revision fa0f3eff (git): [ruby/fileutils] Fix error printing test failure
`exception_details` is not defined anywhere.
This commit fixes the following test crash in ruby 2.4
Error: test...
deivid (David Rodríguez)


12:36 PM Ruby master Revision f48655d0 (git): Remove unneeded exec bits from some files
I noticed that some files in rubygems were executable, and I could think
of no reason why they should be.
In general...
deivid (David Rodríguez)


03:32 PM Ruby master Feature #15912: Allow some reentrancy during TracePoint events
I tried my idea and, while it seemed [not hard to implement]( deivid (David Rodríguez)


07:31 PM Ruby master Bug #16136: String corruption in 2.6.4
Thanks so much! <3 deivid (David Rodríguez)


08:48 AM Ruby master Revision 54839f01 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Fix jruby build deivid (David Rodríguez)
08:48 AM Ruby master Revision a2af4730 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Make sure our modifications to kernel.warn work
And test the fix we're adding.
deivid (David Rodríguez)

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