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05:10 AM Ruby master Feature #18228: Add a `timeout` option to `IO.copy_stream`
"ioquatix (Samuel Williams)" <> wrote:
> Just FYI: `sendfile` is less flexible and you should ...
normalperson (Eric Wong)
04:49 AM Ruby master Feature #18228: Add a `timeout` option to `IO.copy_stream`
"Eregon (Benoit Daloze)" <> wrote:
> I wonder, can `sendfile(2)` be interrupted by a signal li...
normalperson (Eric Wong)


12:57 AM Ruby master Bug #17664: Behavior of sockets changed in Ruby 3.0 to non-blocking wrote:
> I welcome discussion on this point, but for certain, I believe
> Ruby being non-...
normalperson (Eric Wong)


09:45 PM Ruby master Feature #17790: Have a way to clear a String without resetting its capacity wrote:
> > so providing a capacity method gives more control over how to expand memory
> ...
normalperson (Eric Wong)


08:45 PM Ruby master Feature #5446: at_fork callback API wrote:
> > Is there a way to expose Ruby methods/procs as C function pointers with JIT?
> @...
normalperson (Eric Wong)
05:36 AM Ruby master Feature #5446: at_fork callback API wrote:
> Feature #5446: at_fork callback API
normalperson (Eric Wong)


08:24 PM Ruby master Feature #17303: Remove webrick from stdlib wrote:
> @normalperson What do you think?

I don't really care about Ruby, at the moment...

normalperson (Eric Wong)


09:35 PM Ruby master Bug #15661: Disallow concurrent Dir.chdir with block wrote:
> Removing the block form breaks useful cases in single threaded
> code.

normalperson (Eric Wong)


08:15 PM Ruby master Feature #16994: Sets: shorthand for frozen sets of symbols / strings wrote:
> Remaining issues:
> * Name? `%ws` would be the first two character specifier after `%...
normalperson (Eric Wong)


09:45 PM Ruby master Feature #13719: [PATCH] net/http: allow existing socket arg for Net::HTTP.start wrote:
> Any news on this?


It looks ...
normalperson (Eric Wong)

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