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Reported issues: 146


08:41 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10916: What the Ruby? SegFault?
"\"Martin J. Dürst\"" <> wrote:
> > * Author: why do i need this acct just to create a bug re...


09:05 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10923: Bug in io/wait/wait.c
Fixed in r49797


05:58 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10914: Always reproducible crash on FreeBSD with unicorn and 2.2.0p0 (2.1.5p273 too) wrote:
> /usr/local/lib/ [0x8009fe5d7] vm_dump.c:693
> /u...


09:48 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10869: Add support for option to pre-compile Ruby files
I profiled startup time a bit last year and much of it was in the
parser and malloc; so having this should be a win...


06:08 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10866: A signal handler in signal.c can corrupt the value of errno.
Good catch! I'll commit in a little bit in case we missed something,
but I think that's the only signal handler.
10:08 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10723: [PERF] bm_tread_create_join 20% slower
Thanks for the info. It seems my patch changes object allocation counts
enough to throw GC off for this benchmark....


07:08 PM Ruby trunk Misc #10754: Tiny optimisation of Set#include?
Thanks for the reminder, I got distracted with other stuff :x
Committed r49568


09:58 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10768: segfault during ruby_vm_destruct() in cont_free()
r49474 (gc.c: ensure GC state is consistent during VM shutdown)
introduces a failure for me in test/ruby/test_io.rb...


04:28 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10779: occasional segmentation fault running ruby 2.1, doesn't appear with ruby 1.9 wrote:
> I can post the script and sample input files if that would help.



07:58 PM Ruby trunk Misc #10754: Tiny optimisation of Set#include?
I didn't notice the old code being faster, and I don't see your
benchmark triggering GC. Perhaps it is related to ...

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