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Reported issues: 189


07:29 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11484 (Open): add output offset for readpartial/read_nonblock/etc
Specifying a destination offset will allow allocating less garbage
strings to improve performance when reading ...


07:29 PM Ruby trunk Misc #11447 (Rejected): [PATCH] iseq: move iseq->body->mark_ary to iseq->mark_ary
Having an unused dummy field is ugly and wasteful. mark_ary was
chosen here since it is often touched at a differen...


12:47 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11435 (Closed): [RFC] iseq: implement memsize for wrapper
I noticed this was disabled in the recent refactoring.
This patch implementation seems to return smaller sizes


12:07 AM Ruby trunk Misc #11431 (Open): [PATCH] rb_parser_compile_*: remove volatile arg
RB_GC_GUARD is sufficient to prevent tail call optimization from
making the object invisible from GC., and we don't ...


06:18 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11423: ruby_cleanup does not reset initialized flag wrote:
> That cycle is not guaranteed until MVM is supported.

Is MVM still on the roadmap? [...


08:28 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11375: Decreased Object Allocation in Pathname.rb wrote:
> I think I figured out why i'm not getting emails and I believe I've
> fixed t...
03:10 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11375: Decreased Object Allocation in Pathname.rb
Eric Wong <> wrote:
> wrote:
> > You've mentioned the case statem...


09:08 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11336: TestProcess#test_exec_fd_3_redirect failed on Solaris 10 wrote:
> I'm sorry too late.

No worries, I don't have much time for ruby these few weeks, ...


07:48 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11400: IO.gets(/\x0d?\x0a\x0d?\x0a/, 4096) raises comparison of Fixnum with nil failed wrote:
> Looking at the code it's clear the offending line is
02:19 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11405: [PATCH] hash.c: minor speedups to int/fixnum keys
Oops, forgot to attach patch. Not committed, yet. Not urgent, I think.

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