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04:12 PM Ruby master Revision 12762b76 (git): Don't manipulate GC flags directly
We need to disable the GC around compaction (for now) because object id
book keeping can cause malloc to happen and t...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


01:45 PM Ruby master Revision 6bd49b33 (git): Ensure that GC is disabled during compaction
Various things can cause GC to occur when compaction is running, for
example resizing the object identity map:
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


10:58 AM Ruby master Bug #14997: Socket connect timeout exceeds the timeout value for
This really sounds like a bug to me. Please make a patch and I will apply it. tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


04:16 PM Ruby master Revision 6db2d6d8 (git): Add compaction support for more types.
This commit adds compaction support for:
* Fibers
* Continuations
* Autoload Constants
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


04:28 PM Ruby master Feature #15902 (Open): Add a specialized instruction for `.nil?`
I'd like to add a specialized instruction for `.nil?`. We have specialized instructions for `.length` and `.empty?`,... tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


10:15 PM Ruby master Revision c9b74f9f (git): Pin keys in "compare by identity" hashes
Hashes that compare by identity care about the location of the object in
memory. Since they care about the memory lo...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
08:38 PM Ruby master Revision 4eb1c236 (git): Unpin objects that `proc` references
This commit adds compaction support to method and proc objects. It just
unpins references and implements the "compac...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
08:38 PM Ruby master Revision 2de3d928 (git): allow objects in imemo envs to move
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
08:38 PM Ruby master Revision 790a1b17 (git): object id is stable now for all objects, so we can let hash keys move
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


09:24 AM Ruby master Revision 154a67f1 (git): Rename rb_gc_new_location to rb_gc_location
The function will return new or existing locations depending on whether
or not the object actually moved, so give it ...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)

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