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11:43 PM Ruby trunk Revision 64970 (trunk): ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c: print addresses consistently
The format addresses are printed in are different if you use
`ObjectSpace.dump_all(output: :stdout)` vs.


09:55 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15105 (Closed): `rb_debug_inspector_open` breaks lazy proc optimization
Calling `rb_debug_inspector_open` inside a block that uses lazy proc optimizations breaks the implementation. r60397...


05:28 PM Ruby trunk Revision 64081 (trunk): Include Hash#size in the examples
Both methods Hash#length and Hash#size share the same source code in
Ruby, but they also share the same documentation...
05:19 PM Ruby trunk Revision 64079 (trunk): Escape debug output in InvalidURIError exceptions.
Co-authored-by: Brad Landers <>


06:09 PM Ruby trunk Revision 64058 (trunk): [Doc] Recover example about Queue
`trunk@42862` dropped example's last line.
06:06 PM Ruby trunk Revision 64057 (trunk): Remove obsolete comment from Module#define_method documentation
Since 2.5, Module#define_method is public. (feature #14133)
Co-Authored-By: Miguel Landaeta <>
06:04 PM Ruby trunk Revision 64056 (trunk): Fixes the File::CREAT logger documentation
Co-Authored-By: Matias Korhonen <>
06:00 PM Ruby trunk Revision 64054 (trunk): Add docs to RubyVM::AST
Co-Authored-By: Robert Mosolgo <>
05:54 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14634: Queue#push seems to crash after fork
Hi, we've been hitting this bug at work too. I tested these commits (backported them on to Ruby 2.5) and they seem t...


10:51 PM Ruby trunk Feature #5446: at_fork callback API
normalperson (Eric Wong) wrote:
> wrote:
> > normalperson (Eric Wong) wrote:
> > > It's been...

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