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03:28 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11473: Immutable String literal in Ruby 3
I would like to suggest a phased transition across several releases in Ruby 2.x (the specific version numbers and fla...


08:11 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10540 (Open): Yielded fibers do not execute ensure blocks
When a thread has paused fibers, if an exception occurs anywhere in the thread, `ensure` blocks in the paused fibers ...


07:51 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9080 (Closed): ENV[key] produces three objects
This code:
allocates three T_STRING according to ObjectSpace.count_objects. Unless I'm missing so...
07:49 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9079 (Feedback): Interpolated Symbol creates unnecessary intermediate String on the heap
This case:
x = "world"
y = :"hello#{world}!"
allocates one T_STRING according to ObjectSpace.count_objects...


07:29 AM Ruby trunk Bug #7664 (Rejected): Keyword arguments with `**` make code targeting 1.9 / 2.0 difficult
You could imagine writing code that calls into a user-supplied hook:
log("App booted", level: :info)
It is po...
07:11 AM Ruby trunk Bug #7663 (Rejected): Unable to invoke a method with `**kwargs` if the receiver doesn't define ke...
This works:
def hello
puts "hello"
This does not:
def hello
puts "hello...
07:06 AM Ruby trunk Bug #7662 (Closed): Unable to define a method with bare `**`
This works:
def foo(*)
This does not:
def foo(**)
This does not:
def foo(*, **)


10:29 PM Ruby trunk Bug #7172: [[Ruby 1.9:]] fix rbconfig for --enable-load-relative (v2)
Thanks mpapis for moving the ball forward on this. I rely on
--enable-load-relative for Tokaido, and getting/keepi...
10:29 PM Ruby trunk Bug #7158: require is slow in its bookkeeping; can make Rails startup 2.2x faster
Yehuda Katz
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On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 12:21 AM, gregprice (Greg Price) <>wrot...


02:03 AM Ruby trunk Bug #5777: class_eval/module_eval works differently when given a string than when given a block i...
It's important to note that most uses of class_eval with a block are mostly taking existing blocks and modifying thei...

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