Brandon Weaver


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05:16 AM CommonRuby Feature #10829: Add to_proc method to the Array class
Have you seen Functors before?


08:32 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10883: Passing a block to itself
Nobuyoshi Nakada wrote:
> Why `itself` doesn't return itself?
> It seems very confusing.
Why can't we just tie i...


12:13 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10095: Object#as
Andrew Vit wrote:
> This feature also looks a lot like a pipeline.
> Here are some examples how people implemen...


10:06 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10308 (Open): Pipes in Ruby
Much akin to the Unix and Elixir piping, I think it would be an interesting feature to consider in Ruby.
There hav...


05:12 AM Ruby trunk Feature #6727: Add Array#rest (with implementation)
As this seems to have been either dead-ended or otherwise, I'd like to bring it back up.
Most of the arguments I h...

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