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06:53 AM Ruby master Feature #15991: Allow questionmarks in variable names
I personally often write code like this:
class Foobar
attr_reader :completed
def completed?
noniq (Stefan Daschek)


05:12 PM Ruby master Misc #15723: Reconsider numbered parameters
sawa (Tsuyoshi Sawada) wrote:
> I remember someone proposing the backslash `\`. Will that have problems? Are there o...
noniq (Stefan Daschek)


09:38 AM Ruby master Bug #11975: Range#last is not consistent and possibly does not do what is expected.
I haven't found this behaviour surprising at all. Maybe it’s because I'm
almost always using literal ranges and th...
noniq (Stefan Daschek)


12:09 PM Ruby master Bug #11969 (Closed): [PATCH] IRB: Final newline missing in truncated backtraces
If IRB shows a backtrace that gets truncated because of `back_trace_limit`, the last line of the backtrace does not e... noniq (Stefan Daschek)


01:54 AM Ruby master Bug #9204: Issues when compiled with libedit instead of readline
Indeed, but unfortunately it’s a badly documented choice with rather surprising consequences: Compiling Ruby works se... noniq (Stefan Daschek)


06:45 PM Ruby master Bug #9204 (Third Party's Issue): Issues when compiled with libedit instead of readline
Compiling Ruby on Mac OS X uses BSD libedit instead of GNU readline, leading to various problems. Most notably: With ... noniq (Stefan Daschek)

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