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05:42 PM Ruby master Feature #15667: Introduce malloc_trim(0) in full gc cycles
As a maintainer of the quoted glibc code I'd be really interested in the results of this work. Please share when ready. (Carlos O'Donell)


06:51 PM Ruby master Feature #14718: Use jemalloc by default?
> vo.x (Vit Ondruch) wrote:
> > Thx :) I think that at least in Fedora/RHEL case, the decision will be based on this... (Carlos O'Donell)


12:30 AM Ruby master Bug #9249 (Closed): Ruby incorrectly inspects opaque libc jmp_buf for pointers to heap during GC.
The garbage collector in Ruby inspects the opaque libc jmp_buf (as used by setjmp and longjmp) for pointers to heap d... (Carlos O'Donell)

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