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12:31 PM Ruby trunk Revision 65973 (ruby_2_6): Fix locations of NODE_UNDEF in undef with multiple args
* parse.y: Fix the beginning position of trailing NODE_UNDEF.
e.g. The location of the NODE_UNDEF for `b` is fixed...
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)


01:05 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15284: Unintentional warnings with node.h
JFYI: It seems this commit on bison yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)
12:15 PM Ruby trunk Revision 65666 (ruby_2_6): Add docs to RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree.of
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)
12:55 AM Ruby trunk Revision 65663 (ruby_2_6): Make some functions to be static
These functions are used only in ast.c. yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)


01:37 AM Ruby trunk Revision 65641 (ruby_2_6): Rename `AST` module to `AbstractSyntaxTree`
Follow the same naming convention of `InstructionSequence` class. yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)


12:36 AM Ruby trunk Revision 65615 (ruby_2_6): NEWS: Add `RubyVM::AST.of` to NEWS [ci skip]
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)


02:14 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14836 (Closed): Method to return first/last lineno/column of Proc
Applied in changeset trunk|r65542.
Implement `RubyVM::AST.of` [Feature #14836]
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)
02:13 AM Ruby trunk Revision 65542 (ruby_2_6): Implement `RubyVM::AST.of` [Feature #14836]
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)
12:52 AM Ruby trunk Misc #15229: DevelopersMeeting20181122Japan
* [Feature #11689] Add methods allow us to get visibility from Method and UnboundMethod object. (yui-knk)
* I want...
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)


11:56 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11689: Add methods allow us to get visibility from Method and UnboundMethod object.
Thanks for your comment.
Can you show me the use cases where predicate methods are useful?
I think these predicate ...
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)

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