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12:12 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62019 (trunk): Fix a typo


11:43 PM Ruby trunk Revision 61859 (trunk): Add tests for Node code locations
* test/-ext-/ast/test_ast.rb: Add tests for Node
code locations. This file tests
1. There are no Node whose code...


12:19 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61697 (trunk): parse.y: Remove duplicated nd_line set
* parse.y: These nodes are created with `@$` locations.
Start position of `@$` is same as start position of `@1`.


12:39 PM Ruby trunk Revision 61689 (trunk): parse.y (remove_duplicate_keys): Remove a not used argument
12:23 PM Ruby trunk Revision 61687 (trunk): parse.y (block_append_gen): Remove a not used argument
12:23 PM Ruby trunk Revision 61686 (trunk): parse.y: Use nd_loc of head and tail
* parse.y (block_append_gen): Use nd_loc of
head(tail) when create NEW_BLOCK of head(tail).
e.g. The locations o...
11:50 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61685 (trunk): parse.y: Fix the lineno of nd_set_line
* parse.y: Follow up of r61676. r61676 removed
ruby_sourceline from some actions. When stop to
use lineno of "n t...
02:38 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61671 (trunk): parse.y: Remove duplicated nd_loc set
* parse.y: nd_loc is set by NEW_CASE2/NEW_WHEN
02:24 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61669 (trunk): parse.y: Make NULL_LOC to be internal
* parse.y (NULL_LOC): We will create NODEs only
inside of parse.y, so make NULL_LOC to be internal.


08:12 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14214 (Closed): The direction of branch instruction is broken when block argument is used.
The result of this code is changed
def a(&block)
block = 1
p block
p 2 if block

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