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08:23 AM Ruby master Revision 71344a1d (git): [ruby/racc] Stop compressing integer lists
It is unclear why this was implemented, I assume
it was for performance back in 2006.
However today, this compressio...
byroot (Jean Boussier)


01:22 PM Ruby master Bug #18000: have_library doesn't work when ruby is compiled with --disable-shared --disable-install-static-library
Thanks for the workaround, it does work for that very specific gem, however gems checking for specific Ruby APIs are ... byroot (Jean Boussier)


06:30 PM Ruby master Bug #18000 (Open): have_library doesn't work when ruby is compiled with --disable-shared --disable-install-static-library
Related [Feature #12845]
If you compile ruby with `--disable-shared --disable-install-static-library`, then many ...
byroot (Jean Boussier)


09:50 AM Ruby master Bug #17984 (Open): [BUG] try to mark T_NONE object
About 1% of our CI jobs fail with this error.
If necessary I can try to find a repro, but these GC issues are hard...
byroot (Jean Boussier)


07:09 AM Ruby master Bug #17880: [BUG] We are killing the stack canary set by `opt_setinlinecache`
I ran that patch on our CI, and confirm that the crash is entirely gone. Thank you! byroot (Jean Boussier)


10:15 AM Ruby master Revision fd6225c7 (git): [ruby/psych] Implement YAML.safe_dump to make safe_load more usable.
In case where Psych is used as a two way serializers,
e.g. to serialize some cache or config, it is preferable
to hav...
byroot (Jean Boussier)


09:10 AM Ruby master Feature #17763: Implement cache for cvars
> It seems you missed to write the result.
It's in the first comment:
byroot (Jean Boussier)
08:40 AM Ruby master Feature #17795: Around `Process.fork` callbacks API
Agreed, but I think @Dan0042's `Process._fork_` proposal is better. byroot (Jean Boussier)


01:45 PM Ruby master Bug #17933: `Net::HTTP#write_timeout` doesn't work with `body_stream`
> Are you talking about moving the write_timeout implementation from Net::BufferedIO to IO.copy_stream?
No. `
byroot (Jean Boussier)
12:35 PM Ruby master Bug #17933: `Net::HTTP#write_timeout` doesn't work with `body_stream`
Previous discussion where `write_timeout` was added and it was noted that `copy_stream` didn't have a timeout: https:... byroot (Jean Boussier)

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