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08:30 PM Ruby master Bug #12502 (Closed): ruby/test_array.rb test_permutation_stack_error very slow on some platforms
On some platforms, notably armel, mips, mipsel, Array#permutation appears to be very slow. This makes the test test_p... zeha (Christian Hofstaedtler)
05:56 PM Ruby master Bug #12500 (Open): TestProcess#test_aspawn_too_long_path fails on mips with "argument too big"
Recently in Debian we've enabled `make check` and this is one of the test failures we get for ruby2.3, on mips:
zeha (Christian Hofstaedtler)


07:38 AM Ruby master Bug #12491 (Closed): TestRefinement#test_prepend_after_refine_wb_miss too slow
In Debian we've recently enabled the full test suite (make test-all) on all architectures.
As part of that, we found...
zeha (Christian Hofstaedtler)
07:34 AM Ruby master Bug #12331: Please backport r53586
trunk r53587 (followup commit) excludes the test.
trunk r54030 splits/changes Array tests for similar reasons, ple...
zeha (Christian Hofstaedtler)


12:44 AM Ruby master Bug #11844: Please update unicode-licensed files (license issue)
Thank you very much for fixing this issue in enc/trans/JIS. What about ext/json/generator/generator.c? zeha (Christian Hofstaedtler)


02:23 AM Ruby master Bug #12156 (Rejected): broken after r53077 (2.3, trunk)
This simple test program fails with ruby2.3, but worked in previous versions:
require 'tk'
require 'tkextlib...
zeha (Christian Hofstaedtler)


08:03 PM Ruby master Bug #11844: Please update unicode-licensed files (license issue)
Another thing - you're saying your copies of the files were modified. If the -data- inside them was modified, does th... zeha (Christian Hofstaedtler)
08:02 PM Ruby master Bug #11844: Please update unicode-licensed files (license issue)
The non-free problem is with this line: "supplied in this file in the creation of products supporting the Unicode Sta... zeha (Christian Hofstaedtler)


05:58 PM Ruby master Bug #12137 (Closed): Ruby2.3 blk.binding crashes instead of giving "Can't create Binding from C level Proc (ArgumentError)"
The following code raises an ArgumentError on 2.2. On 2.3, it crashes in binding.
def repro(&blk)
zeha (Christian Hofstaedtler)


12:41 PM Ruby master Bug #11844 (Closed): Please update unicode-licensed files (license issue)
Various files in enc/trans are old copies of files that forbid (re-)distribution. AFAICT, Unicode, Inc. h... zeha (Christian Hofstaedtler)

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