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01:36 PM Ruby master Feature #13083: Regexp#{match,match?} with a nil argument are deprecated and will raise a TypeError in Ruby 3.0
I'm a bit surprised and confused. The change that has been made is not what this issue was originally about, and act... knu (Akinori MUSHA)


08:02 AM Ruby master Feature #15901: Enumerator::Lazy#eager
Thanks, I see your point. It could be handy, but it seems to me that adding Enumerable#eager is like encouraging use... knu (Akinori MUSHA)


06:19 AM Ruby master Feature #15975: Add Array#pluck
ActiveSupport has [Enumerable#pluck](, so I don't ... knu (Akinori MUSHA)
06:06 AM Ruby master Feature #15901: Enumerator::Lazy#eager
> I'm personally +1 for eager.
Thanks! This proposal has been accepted by Matz.
> I'd also alias Enumerator#ea...
knu (Akinori MUSHA)
05:58 AM Ruby master Feature #12802: Add BLAKE2 support to Digest
I feel a bit reluctant to have an implementation in our source tree and keep maintaining it when there's almost alway... knu (Akinori MUSHA)


11:10 AM Ruby master Feature #14781: Enumerator.generate
I just wrote a draft implementation of Enumerator.produce. I just didn't notice @zverok kindly worked on writing a p... knu (Akinori MUSHA)


11:19 AM Ruby master Bug #16026: `Set#count` performance issues
I agree that the `return size if !block_given? && respond_to?(:size)` logic should belong to Enumerable. (oh, and als... knu (Akinori MUSHA)


10:00 AM Ruby master Feature #15973: Let Kernel#lambda always return a lambda
I don't think the lambda flag should be altered after the creation of a proc, because it's all up to the writer of a ... knu (Akinori MUSHA)


09:01 AM Ruby master Feature #15901: Enumerator::Lazy#eager
I'd rather keep this issue simple. We can talk about it later in another issue. knu (Akinori MUSHA)
08:08 AM Ruby master Feature #15563: #dig that throws an exception if an key doesn't exist
I thought adding an optional block to dig could be an idea.
obj.dig(*keys) { |dug_keys, rest_keys|
# r...
knu (Akinori MUSHA)

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