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07:07 PM Ruby master Feature #11747: "bury" feature, similar to 'dig' but opposite
schwad (Nick Schwaderer) wrote in #note-10:
> I think the issues/problems specified in the comments are not present ...
bkatzung (Brian Katzung)


01:29 PM Ruby master Feature #13179: Deep Hash Update Method
Gem XKeys, since 2014.
require 'xkeys'
h = {}.extend XKeys::Auto # auto Hash/Array
h[:accent, 2, :original]...
bkatzung (Brian Katzung)
02:52 AM Ruby master Feature #11747: "bury" feature, similar to 'dig' but opposite
Much of this has been available through my XKeys gem since Q2 2014.
data = {}.extend XKeys::Auto # Vs ::Hash,...
bkatzung (Brian Katzung)


11:46 PM Ruby master Feature #7240: Inheritable #included/#extended Hooks For Modules
I'm a relatively new Ruby programmer so I may have missed some of the nuances, but I have written bkatzung (Brian Katzung)

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