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09:56 PM Ruby master Feature #14602: Version of dig that raises error if a key is not present
Considering `dig` as an operation that can be done manually (with fingers) and address exceptional situations (unexpe... olivierlacan (Olivier Lacan)


05:06 AM Ruby master Feature #17282 (Third Party's Issue): Deprecate Digest::SHA1
In light of the widespread deprecation of SHA1 due to collision risk it poses, should Ruby still expose it without a ... olivierlacan (Olivier Lacan)


03:42 PM Ruby master Revision 7c46aa69 (git): Avoid confusion in Array#- and Array#difference docs (#2070)
My previous attempt to correct #2068 apparently failed and the confusing
wording ("instances") was merged into trunk ...
olivierlacan (Olivier Lacan)


12:18 AM Ruby master Revision 8e7df4bb (git): Use the word heredocs in Here Documents docs
Two advantages:
- higher relevance of the extremely common word "heredocs" which may
help people find this page when ...
olivierlacan (Olivier Lacan)


02:02 AM Ruby master Feature #10982: Clarify location of NoMethod error
I just ran into a `SyntaxError` on heapy today (in Ruby 2.1.6) and it did exactly what I wish would occur for `NoMeth... olivierlacan (Olivier Lacan)


04:02 PM Ruby master Feature #10982: Clarify location of NoMethod error
parkr (Parker M) wrote:
> This new syntax is a pretty sizable divergence from traditional Ruby error reporting.
olivierlacan (Olivier Lacan)


12:31 AM Ruby master Bug #13196: Improve keyword argument errors when non-keyword arguments given
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) wrote:
> Agreed with better message description.
Thank you. Is there anything I can do ...
olivierlacan (Olivier Lacan)


12:55 AM Ruby master Bug #11101: Forking is killing my memory when running GC
normalperson (Eric Wong) wrote:
> Did you try the nakayoshi_fork gem as ko1 suggested?
Sorry for replying so lat...
olivierlacan (Olivier Lacan)


04:06 AM Ruby master Bug #10314: Default argument lookup fails in Ruby 2.2 for circular shadowed variable names
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) wrote:
> I'm in favor of that error.
Do you still want to implement this error?
olivierlacan (Olivier Lacan)


05:10 AM Ruby master Feature #11302: Dir.entries and Dir.foreach without [".", ".."]
red (Arnaud Rouyer) wrote:
> Basing myself on the GNU ls util, I propose supporting an `:ignore` key in the optional...
olivierlacan (Olivier Lacan)

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