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09:21 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12371: Windows Nano Server WIN32OLE compatibility
In my tests `OleInitialize(NULL)` succeeded on Nano Server TP5 and reverse forwarders installed. Then it already is b...


02:46 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12350: Introduce Array#find! that raises an error if element not found
You can pass a callable object to `Enumerable#find`:
def find_price!(size)
prices.find(->{ fail "Price...


02:21 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12340: Windows: File.truncate has two string encoding issues
Oops! The tests you've added are much more comprehensive than mine anyway. Thank you for the quick fix.
12:47 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12340 (Closed): Windows: File.truncate has two string encoding issues
`File.truncate` calls `rb_str_encode_ospath()` which returns a UTF-8 encoded Ruby string.
Then it passes a pointer t...


07:17 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12279 (Closed): cont.c: wrong _MSC_VER check
2.3.0 and trunk are affected. I wonder why compiling with Visual C++ 6.0 is still supported.
diff --git a...


08:46 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12249: Math.gamma(-0.0) should return -Infinity
Regarding `Math.lgamma(-0.0)` (r54494,r54495):
It's actually caused by the `lgamma_r()` fallback implementation. A...


03:34 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12205: update missing/strl{cat,cpy}.c
Shyouhei Urabe wrote:
> The code is much cleaner so I would +1, but it seems the upstream has more recent revisions ...
11:43 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12205 (Closed): update missing/strl{cat,cpy}.c
The attached git diff updates `missing/strlcat.c` from 1.8 to 1.15,
`missing/strlcpy.c` from 1.5 to 1.12 and also t...


11:42 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11579 (Open): Fiddle.win32_last_error after calling Fiddle::Function#call isn't GetLastError()
The current source code is:
rb_funcall(mFiddle, rb_intern("last_error="), 1, INT2NUM(errno));
#if defin...


04:08 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11439: Win32 Registry corruption when writing REG_MULTI_SZ values
Usaku NAKAMURA wrote:
> ruby_2_1 r51620 merged revision(s) 51575,51584.
This issue is about two different bugs. r...

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