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07:25 PM Ruby master Misc #18761 (Open): provide an example wasm project
Neither the release notes nor the wasm/ include any runnable examples.
Please provide a docker image that c...
grosser (Michael Grosser)


07:13 PM Ruby master Feature #15878 (Assigned): Make exit faster by not running GC
I noticed that exit takes 0.2 ... I'm trying to write a fast cli, so any improvement here would be great or an option... grosser (Michael Grosser)


05:40 PM Ruby master Bug #15876 (Closed): 1.to_s.encoding != Encoding.default_internal
I ran into strange looking test output when I compared .to_s with an expected text, saying that the encoding was diff... grosser (Michael Grosser)


12:28 PM Ruby master Feature #15463 (Open): oneshot coverage does not allow counting code lines without coverage
I'm using to alert when uncovered lines where added to the codebase a...
grosser (Michael Grosser)


03:21 AM Ruby master Bug #14595 (Closed): Set filename when initializing a logger with a File object to make reopen work
would be great if it could auto-set filenam...
grosser (Michael Grosser)


05:44 AM Ruby master Bug #13007 (Closed): Webbrick takes 5s to start when machine name looks like a real domain
sudo scutil --set HostName foo.local
ruby -r socket -e "Socket.gethostbyname(Socket.gethostname)"
or much simpler...
grosser (Michael Grosser)


11:03 PM Ruby master Bug #12771 (Closed): Allow setting max memory consumption
I want to limit a ruby process to 100mb ... if the limit is reached it should run GC
Already tried various RUBY_ s...
grosser (Michael Grosser)


10:36 PM Ruby master Bug #12480: Restarting Coverage does not capture additional coverage for already loaded files
Solved this by using Coverage.peek_result in the before-fork part of my code to capture the current state and then me... grosser (Michael Grosser)


10:47 PM Ruby master Bug #12480 (Closed): Restarting Coverage does not capture additional coverage for already loaded files
I'm trying to combine coverage from before fork and after fork to make coverage reporting work in a forking test runn... grosser (Michael Grosser)


04:19 PM Ruby master Bug #12312 (Closed): Make PTY take environment variables like popen does
Need a PTY that also takes environment variables ... hacking around it with script (which works differently on OSX an... grosser (Michael Grosser)

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