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04:23 PM Ruby master Bug #17543: Ractor isolation broken by `self` in shareable proc
Warning: The following code examples can be ugly. This is low level stuff meant to build nicer blocks on top. Viewer ... MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)


06:17 PM Ruby master Feature #17342: Hash#fetch_set
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) wrote in #note-16:
> Most of the case, `hash[:key] ||= init` works. The exception is that ...
MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)


06:56 AM Ruby master Misc #17346: DevelopersMeeting20201210Japan
* [Feature #17342] Add Hash#fetch_set (maxlap)
* Yes/no?
MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)


02:53 PM Ruby master Feature #17342: Hash#fetch_set
I forgot to mention, but this pattern can also be more performant, as the key only needs to be hashed once for both t... MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)
12:42 AM Ruby master Feature #17342: Hash#fetch_set
I didn't put an example using 2 parameters instead of a block, but yes, that option is also available. It has the sam... MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)


08:36 PM Ruby master Feature #17342 (Feedback): Hash#fetch_set
I would like to propose adding the `fetch_set` method to `Hash`. It behaves just like `fetch`, but when using the def... MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)


05:36 PM Ruby master Feature #17100: Ractor: a proposal for a new concurrent abstraction without thread-safety issues
Every method call in Ruby is a message that is sent. That's why `Object#send(name,...)` exists.
Sure, you are sendi...
MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)


09:32 AM Ruby master Revision 21ce8b32 (git): [ruby/rdoc] Fix image links in rdoc.css
Every image in the rdoc.css that use url has the wrong one. They end up pointing to `css/images/zoom.png` instead of ... MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)


08:46 AM Ruby master Revision b67b07bd (git): Fix links to headings
A previous change made the header's id be fully referenced (for the sidebar I believe) but this broke links to them.
MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)


04:52 AM Ruby master Bug #15476: Branch coverage: Failing to load trivial sample when branch coverage is on
Sorry, forgot to include the error message:
/tmp/ruby20181227-3429-1ubxjqu.rb:1:in `<top (required)>': no impli...
MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)

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