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02:29 PM Ruby master Feature #15897: `it` as a default block parameter
> RSpec won't break because their "it" requires an argument
Unfortunately this is not accurate. RSpec has a shorth...
mikegee (Michael Gee)


02:42 PM Ruby master Feature #14136: Implement #empty? on more classes
There seems to be some confusion about what I'm asking for here. I know how to use these classes to make my code work... mikegee (Michael Gee)
12:34 AM Ruby master Feature #14136: Implement #empty? on more classes
Sorry, that Rubocop issue does have a bunch of unrelated discussion. I should have summarized the parts I was referri... mikegee (Michael Gee)


03:12 PM Ruby master Feature #14136 (Open): Implement #empty? on more classes
Hi Ruby Friends!
Rubocop prefers `#empty?` over `length == 0` and `size == 0`, which is great for `String`, `Array...
mikegee (Michael Gee)


03:01 PM Ruby master Feature #13784: Add Enumerable#filter as an alias of Enumerable#select
I prefer not adding this alias. I understand that it is beneficial for people familiar with other languages that have... mikegee (Michael Gee)


01:46 PM Ruby master Feature #10320: require into module
So Wieso wrote:
> ~~~ruby
> require 'file' in Lib
> # is equivalent
> module Lib
> require 'file'
> end
> ~~...
mikegee (Michael Gee)

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