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11:02 PM Ruby master Misc #16561: DevelopersMeeting20200227Japan
* [Feature #16476] Socket.getaddrinfo cannot be interrupted by Timeout.timeout (kirs)
* Would we be happy with the ...
kirs (Kir Shatrov)


02:47 AM Ruby master Feature #16476: Socket.getaddrinfo cannot be interrupted by Timeout.timeout
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme) wrote:
> +1
> This has been an issue for a very long time, and it's often been handled...
kirs (Kir Shatrov)


01:49 PM Ruby master Feature #16476 (Assigned): Socket.getaddrinfo cannot be interrupted by Timeout.timeout
It seems like the blocking syscall done by `Socket.getaddrinfo` blocks Ruby VM in a way that Timeout.timeout has no e... kirs (Kir Shatrov)


01:33 PM Ruby master Feature #16381 (Open): Accept resolv_timeout in Net::HTTP
This is a follow-up to and a successor of kirs (Kir Shatrov)


02:03 PM Ruby master Bug #14997: Socket connect timeout exceeds the timeout value for
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson) wrote:
> This really sounds like a bug to me. Please make a patch and I will app...
kirs (Kir Shatrov)


10:41 PM Ruby master Misc #14222: Mutex.lock is not safe inside signal handler: what is?
normalperson (Eric Wong) wrote:
> In fact, it is never safe to
> use locking such as `pthread_mutex_lock` inside a ...
kirs (Kir Shatrov)


01:23 PM Ruby master Feature #13246 (Closed): [REQUEST] Allow to make rb_compile_warn a hard error
~~~ bash
$ cat dup.rb
puts({ one: 1, one: 2})
$ ruby dup.rb
dup.rb:1: warning: key :one is duplicated and overw...
kirs (Kir Shatrov)


10:27 AM Ruby master Feature #11650 (Closed): Add custom error message arg to Timeout.timeout
Now Timeout.timeout can accept custom error message:
Timeout.timeout(30, CustomException, “custom_message...
kirs (Kir Shatrov)


09:46 AM Ruby master Feature #10361 (Closed): Support open_timeout option in open-uri
I found it weird that open-uri accepts read_timeout option, but not open_timeout.
I believe this option should be ad...
kirs (Kir Shatrov)

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