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02:30 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15928: Constant declaration does not conform to JIS 3017:2013
There are specs that cover this, so at least it is how Ruby implementors understand that it is intended to be, and it... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


01:55 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15878: Make exit faster by not running GC
Is Ruby's GC conservative? So even if a GC is performed at exit are IO buffers guaranteed to be flushed? chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


09:42 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15281: Speed up Set#intersect with size check.
I'm not sure it should be called `Tuple` - to me that implies that elements can appear more than once - that it's a m... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


03:36 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15836: [Proposal] Make Module#name and Symbol#to_s return their internal fstrings
> how is the GC handling in case the Symbol was a dynamic generated one?
It copies it - strings and symbols aren’t...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


03:12 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15778: Expose an API to pry-open the stack frames in Ruby
So this could be used to implement `Binding.of_caller` as `caller_locations(1, 1, debug: true).first.binding`? chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)
10:21 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15778: Expose an API to pry-open the stack frames in Ruby
Is your idea that all exception backtraces always come with the bindings attached? Or just when you call `Kernel#call... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


11:32 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15768: "and", &&, boolean issue, different ruby versions, confusing
I think there's two things confusing you here.
Firstly, `v1 = true and false` is `((v1 = true) and false)`, while ...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


01:27 PM Ruby trunk Misc #15748: [Documentation] Suggestion to adjust Object.html#method-i-instance_variable_set
'Frustrating' here isn't expressing any opinion - to 'frustrate' something means to prevent it from being done. The e... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


06:39 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15743: RubyVM should be renamed to CRuby
> whereas CRuby refers to ... what name exactly?
CRuby is the name some people (including Matz I believe) used to ...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


04:10 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15324 (Closed): Dir.home test doesn't match actual Ruby or system behaviour
This test currently asserts that `Dir.home(user)` should return ENV['HOME'] if user is the current user.
We don't ...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)

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