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04:10 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15324 (Closed): Dir.home test doesn't match actual Ruby or system behaviour
This test currently asserts that `Dir.home(user)` should return ENV['HOME'] if user is the current user.
We don't ...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


09:23 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14462 (Closed): MJIT enabled should be displayed in the version string
Whether or not MJIT is enabled will probably be an important part of diagnosing bugs. It's also useful for when bench... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


01:31 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14362: use BigDecimal instead of Float by default
In TruffleRuby we represent values that have a single logical class using multiple implementation techniques, transpa... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


04:00 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13376 (Closed): Symbol#hash is deterministic on 2.3
I believe the Symbol#hash should probably be non-deterministic, due to CVE-2011-4815. That seems to be the behaviour ... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


12:26 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11706: Clean up files etc/unicode/name2ctype.{h.blt,kwd,src}
Yes sorry I mean Unicode 7.0.
The JRuby code is at
Ah so...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


05:49 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11706: Clean up files etc/unicode/name2ctype.{h.blt,kwd,src}
I've been dealing with an issue related to this. When Ruby updated to MRI 7.0 the name2ctype.h was updated but not th... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


01:46 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11934: A feature to drop dynamics dynamically
All of the dynamic language features described (constant and method redefinition, inclusion of modules etc) can alrea... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


09:22 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10711 (Closed): Incorrect error message in coerce failed
$ ruby -v -e '1 & 1.2'
ruby 2.2.0p0 (2014-12-25 revision 49005) [x86_64-darwin14]
-e:1: warning: possibly usel...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


12:14 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10685: Segfault from keyword rest arg when coercing an object that defines to_hash
I think this is the equivalent code extracted from MSpec. But I can't get this to crash on 2.2.0p0.
def m...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


07:37 PM Ruby trunk Misc #10560: confusion between x=x+y, x+=y, x.concat(y) and y.each{|z| x<<z}
Ah right sorry I didn't see the 'doc' note. I think we could (theoretically) implement this optimisation without any ... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)

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