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09:11 PM Ruby master Feature #18042: YARV code optimization
I think you'd have to do a lot of work, to even get the basic benefits of this approach. So they may not want what is... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)
12:28 PM Ruby master Feature #18042: YARV code optimization
Yes these are all optimisations that compilers can do and you can see them being done in implementations of Ruby like... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


12:51 PM Ruby master Feature #18042: YARV code optimization
This is how the various JITs for Ruby work. You usually think of a JIT emitting machine code, but they could also emi... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


01:06 PM Ruby master Misc #17888: "What's Here" section for class and module documentation
It's always great when someone volunteers to work on documentation!
But doesn't the documentation already have a t...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


04:59 PM Ruby master Feature #17859: Start IRB when running just `ruby`
A compromise could be a warning - TruffleRuby warns when standard in is a terminal, but otherwise works as normal. As... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


03:55 PM Ruby master Feature #17786: Proposal: new "ends" keyword
> Please focus on the intent and purpose, and not semantics.
But we have to decide what the semantics will be in o...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


04:55 PM Ruby master Feature #17786: Proposal: new "ends" keyword
> no conflict with legacy code
How do you differentiate between a call to a method called `ends` in legacy code, a...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


05:17 PM Ruby master Bug #17777: 2.6.7 fails to build on macOS: implicit declaration of function 'rb_native_mutex_destroy' is invalid in C99
I've also been experiencing this build failure and can reproduce on multiple systems. chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


07:37 PM Ruby master Bug #17739: Array#sort! changes the order even if the receiver raises FrozenError in given block
I think the point of `#sort!` is that it sorts in-place - so not creating a copy. If we want to be able to restore th... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


01:21 PM Ruby master Feature #17684: Remove `--disable-gems` from release version of Ruby
I don't have anything invested in this myself, but just for information to help the discussion, here's two examples o... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)

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