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09:03 AM Ruby master Revision 25423f09 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Add --version parameter to bundle info command. retro (Josef Šimánek)


09:01 PM Ruby master Revision 1f4af993 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Move required_ruby_version gemspec attribute to recommended section. retro (Josef Šimánek)


01:22 AM Ruby master Revision b74385e7 (git): Remove SimpleCov at all.
retro (Josef Šimánek)


09:00 AM Ruby master Revision 9b7afd3c (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Update mirror_probe realword specs to not rely exactly at raised HTTP exception.
- this exception differs across Ruby versions.
retro (Josef Šimánek)
09:00 AM Ruby master Revision 71b370f6 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Enforce bundler platform (and default gem) to keep invalid gemspec test compatible with ruby-trunk. retro (Josef Šimánek)
09:00 AM Ruby master Revision fd17ae82 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Lock racc version in platform_spec.
- latest ruby is shipped with racc 1.6 making this spec failing
- this spec is related to platform locking, changing ...
retro (Josef Šimánek)
09:00 AM Ruby master Revision b1791664 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Assert NoMethodError message only partialy in downloader_spec.
- latest ruby adds error_highlight gem introducing backtrace into exception message
retro (Josef Šimánek)
09:00 AM Ruby master Revision 0029e094 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Install stringio for standalone spec.
- previously it was required already by net/http, but it is not anymore using ruby-trunk
retro (Josef Šimánek)
08:22 AM Ruby master Revision a9be84db (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Add new default gems to setup_spec exempts.
- error_highlight was introduced at
retro (Josef Šimánek)


01:06 PM Ruby master Feature #18272: Please replace unsafe SHA1 with another digest algorithm
AFAIK SHA-1 is used in Bundler/RubyGems only to hash filepath for gem clones and could be replaced in the future. It ... retro (Josef Šimánek)

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