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02:42 AM Ruby master Bug #14416: Net::POPMail methods modify frozen literal when using default arg
Anonymous wrote:
> Applied in changeset trunk|r62099.
> ----------
> net/pop: make modified strings mutable
tgxworld (Guo Xiang Tan)


09:45 AM Ruby master Bug #12763 (Closed): Performance regression in bm_securerandom.rb
total: 2 trial(s) (2 trial(s) for 1 benchmark(s))
tgxworld (Guo Xiang Tan)


10:38 AM Ruby master Bug #12493 (Third Party's Issue): Confusing did_you_mean error
irb(main):001:0> test = some_string if (some_string = "test")
(irb):1: warning: found = in conditional, should...
tgxworld (Guo Xiang Tan)


02:04 AM Ruby master Bug #12074 (Closed): [PERF] bm_app_erb.rb slower
Hi I'm noticing a regression on RubyBench for `bm_app_erb.rb`
tgxworld (Guo Xiang Tan)


02:11 AM Ruby master Bug #11829 (Closed): [PERF] Benchmark of vm1_yield
### ruby 2.3.0dev (2015-10-10 trunk 52102)
total: 4 trial(s) (2 trial(s) for 2 benchmark(s))
tgxworld (Guo Xiang Tan)


06:10 PM Ruby master Bug #11556: [PERF] app_strconcat
benchmark results:
Execution time (sec)
name |ruby 2.3.0dev (2015-10-09 trunk 52095) [x86_64-linux]|ruby ...
tgxworld (Guo Xiang Tan)


06:46 AM Ruby master Bug #11556: [PERF] app_strconcat
@nobu could we reopen this?
I compiled locally instead of using Docker which I use for RubyBench and got the follo...
tgxworld (Guo Xiang Tan)


05:48 PM Ruby master Bug #11556: [PERF] app_strconcat
> It seems worse than before on your system, while it was better on my system...
Ah I missed this. Hmm is there mo...
tgxworld (Guo Xiang Tan)
04:54 PM Ruby master Bug #11556: [PERF] app_strconcat
Ah yes I have to add it in manually to
Also, I'm seeing a regressi...
tgxworld (Guo Xiang Tan)
03:06 PM Ruby master Bug #11556: [PERF] app_strconcat
Hi Nobu!
Currently the new commits will appear whenever I rebase my fork of the Ruby repo. Do you know who I can r...
tgxworld (Guo Xiang Tan)

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