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04:42 PM Backport22 Revision 58143: merge revision(s) 53566:
* improve ICC (Intel C Compiler) support.
* (CXX): The name of icc's c++ compiler is `ic...
08:25 AM Backport22 Revision 58141: * thread.c (rb_thread_fd_close): unintentionally removed at r58094.
07:25 AM Backport22 Revision 58140: * test/ruby/test_thread.rb (test_thread_interrupt_for_killed_thread):
may fix the test failure on some platforms introduced at r58108.
07:22 AM Backport22 Revision 58139: merge revision(s) 49806:
envutil.rb: timeout_error argument to invoke_ruby
* test/lib/envutil.rb (invoke_ruby): add `timeout_error` optional...
04:11 AM Backport22 Revision 58137: * thread.c (rb_thread_sleep_deadly_allow_spurious_wakeup): need to
mark as exported. this may fix the load error introduced at r58115.


08:35 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58132 (trunk): Add a tool for backporters.
* tool/generate-backport-changelog.rb: Generate ChangeLog entries from svn log.
08:31 PM Backport22 Revision 58131: * ChangeLog: log for r58102.
08:30 PM Backport22 Revision 58130: * ChangeLog: logs for r58085 - r58129.
06:55 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10944: Documentation of w.r.t. element index available to a block
ruby_2_2 r58129 merged revision(s) 58037.
06:55 PM Backport22 Revision 58129: merge revision(s) 58037: [Backport #10944]
docs for creating arrays
* array.c: [DOC] add example for with block and index.
Reported by Don Cruick...

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