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11:59 AM Ruby master Bug #10677: Regression: Time#parse no longer automatically converts to localtime
Ben Johnson wrote:
> Thank you for the explanation. I'll continue to debug and see if I can help measure it's impact...
rohandaxini (Rohan Daxini)


01:26 PM Ruby master Bug #10758: undefined method `year' for nil:NilClass
Hiroshi SHIBATA wrote:
> You should report rails/rails repository in github at first
Sorry but I did not know thi...
rohandaxini (Rohan Daxini)
09:37 AM Ruby master Bug #10758 (Third Party's Issue): undefined method `year' for nil:NilClass
I am facing this error only in Ruby 2.2.0 as I recently upgraded to latest Ruby 2.2.0
Here is the console log
rohandaxini (Rohan Daxini)

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