Eito Katagiri


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03:44 PM Backport193 Backport #7658: Rabbit が Ruby 1.9.3p362 で落ちる
[Bug #7629] の方で報告した一人です。 r38213 を参考にして添付のような変更した場合、10回実行して7回ほどSegmentation Faultが発生していたのが、10回以上実行しても全く発生しなくなり...


02:42 PM Backport193 Backport #7629: Segmentation fault
I have similar segmentation fault on the same place (gems/activerecord-3.2.9/lib/active_record/relation.rb:241).


11:40 PM Ruby trunk Bug #3728: IO.select is not documented.
On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 9:02 AM, Tanaka Akira <akr@fsij.org> wrote:
> The document doesn't describe the typ...


10:24 PM Ruby trunk Bug #3728: IO.select is not documented.
I created a patch to fill some documentation for IO.select (and Kernel.select eventually). The code example i...


11:11 PM Ruby trunk Bug #3764: Ripper incorrectly handle literal keywords (as symbol, eg. :class)
No, I don't think that it is a bug.

It doesn't have to be an identifier after colon for a symbol.


09:29 PM Ruby trunk Bug #3760: help "String.new" (for example) no longer works in irb
The attached patch should fix this issue. Please review and try the patch.

The "get_info_for" method has...


11:15 PM Ruby trunk Bug #3765: Ripper::Lexer missed out tokens after '=>' operator
I think that it is because the provided statement was illegal and Ripper stopped parsing it.

% ruby -v...

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