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11:38 PM Ruby trunk Bug #8575: Crash in openssl verify_certificate_identity
emboss: Here's my patch.


11:14 PM Ruby trunk Bug #5353: TLS v1.0 and less - Attack on CBC mode
This could be an option:
Index: test/openssl/test_ssl.rb
10:35 PM Ruby trunk Bug #6141 (Feedback): rails-3.2.2+1.9.3p125 の環境で SEGV が発生
10:28 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4408 (Third Party's Issue): Net::SSH connections are subject to plaintext recovery due to la...
Indeed. Closing this as TPI. Added CTR test at r37994 for making sure we can use CTR.
10:20 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4332 (Third Party's Issue): Some seemingly random segfaults
Thanks for the confirmation. Closing.
10:05 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4418: OpenSSL::PKey::DH#public_key
I like to keep ext/openssl just reflects OpenSSL API but we already have some exceptions in API for ease of use.
09:53 PM Ruby trunk Bug #3817: current ruby-openssl impl wrongly utilizes CRYPTO_EX_DATA in X509_STORE
Postpone this issue again. Let us (nahi and emboss) know if you seem to be bitten by this.
01:25 PM Ruby trunk Revision 37995 (ruby_2_3): Add issue ref to the previous commit.
01:24 PM Ruby trunk Revision 37994 (ruby_2_3): * test/openssl/test_cipher.rb (test_ctr_if_exists): add CTR mode test
if underlying OpenSSL supports it.


10:36 PM Ruby trunk Bug #6573: Webrick test failures
Thanks to bkabrda and mlartz's minimal reproducer and the investigation, I could easily understand the issue.
I th...

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