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03:23 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9761 (Open): TRY_WITH_GC with ruby_gc_stress
Nobuyoshi Nakada wrote:
> Seems `objspace_malloc_increase()` already runs GC after `xmalloc` and `xcalloc` if `ruby_...


01:45 AM ruby-trunk Feature #9761 (Open): TRY_WITH_GC with ruby_gc_stress
I have written but I have not been able to avoid both temporary assignment and duplication of garbage_collect_with_gv...
12:49 AM ruby-trunk Feature #9761 (Closed): TRY_WITH_GC with ruby_gc_stress
I hope `TRY_WITH_GC()` may use `ruby_gc_stress` value.
Currently, `ruby_gc_stress` doesn't affect simple `xmalloc(...


10:54 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9710: __builtin_setjmp/longjmp causes SEGV with mingw
I guess it should be backported with #9692.
10:52 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9698: r45509以降、Solarisにて configureが thread model is missing でエラー
#9692 と一緒にバックポートされるべきと思うのでバックポート欄変更します。
10:51 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9692: __builtin_longjmp is called with a value greater than 1 (GCC compilation error)
I guess it should be backported.


02:12 PM ruby-trunk Bug #9657: Segfault in bigdecimal/util.rb Float#to_d
As nobu said, I guess that backporting r45015 helps to solve the issue.


10:36 PM ruby-trunk Bug #9326: No superclass method in ruby 2.1
Seems to be fine on ruby_2_1, after r44410 (merging r44380).
I confirmed NoMethodError is raised on 2.1.0 (r44340) a...
07:33 PM ruby-trunk Bug #9310: inheritance.rb: 27: [BUG] Segmentation fault at 0x00000c
I can reproduce with 2.1.0p0 but not with r44459 (trunk).
And git-bisect said it hasn't occurred after r44455.
I gu...


09:56 AM るりまプロジェクト Bug #8363: 目次のリンクから実際に該当のエントリに飛べないものがあるのを修正する
元々は別名一つ一つに id を割り振る仕様だったのですが、r5760 で id は一つだけ割り振るように変更されているようです。
また、ついでに当初のようにそれぞれに id を割り振る...

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