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12:39 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15375: Crash report for Ruby 2.5.3p105
I guess this is fixed at [#15362]. wanabe (_ wanabe)
12:29 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15200: RubyVM::InstructionSequence can not compile to binary from method call with hash in 'if false' expression
ruby_2_5 is fixed at r66130 that is the backport of r63040.
$ ./miniruby -v -e 'RubyVM::InstructionSequence.c...
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03:37 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15578: Missing TracePoint return event when a conditional is used before a rescue
`git bisect` shows it is introduced by r63248. wanabe (_ wanabe)


11:57 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15572: `RubyVM::InstructionSequence` doesn't work with `extend`.
ioquatix (Samuel Williams) wrote:
> For some reason,`RubyVM::InstructionSequence.extend` doesn't seem to work as exp...
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12:07 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15513: MJIT compilation terminated due to -Wfatal-errors on GCC 7.3.0
Dockerhub の gentoo/stage3-amd64:20190106 で再現しました。
Gentoo Linux では独自に
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08:59 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15406 (Closed): Loaded iseq may cause SEGV on GC
Attached `test.rb` causes SEGV on trunk r66370.
`test.log` is stderr log.
I don't known what `[0, 13, 0]` means, ...
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10:52 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15396 (Closed): Please backport r62621 for LLP64 environment
Sometimes ruby 2.5.4 occurs SEGV on mswin64.
It can b...
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12:17 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15085: Decrease memory cache usage of MJIT
The issue is almost gone on v2_6_0_preview3.
`invokesuper` on MJIT runs as about fast as on normal VM.
Attached "...
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09:13 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13930: Exception is caught in rescue above ensure
I think it's due to `compile_next()` and `add_ensure_iseq()`.
The following is a reduced script result.
$ ...
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12:03 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15248: Segfault/memory corruption in vm.c:1946
I guess this is as same as #15245.
$ echo -n "2557 0024 7f54 0020 7c7c 6e54 5a20 7768 696c 6523 4054 456d 652...
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