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04:17 PM Ruby master Bug #14363: each_grapheme_cluster.size returns the wrong size
Calculating the enumerator size here requires iterating through the whole text and do grapheme detection on all bytes... hugopeixoto (Hugo Peixoto)
02:51 PM Ruby master Bug #11948: Segfault on blank line in IRB
I was unable to reproduce this with alpine 3.7 in docker, with ruby 2.4.3p205:
$ docker run --rm -ti alpine...
hugopeixoto (Hugo Peixoto)
02:29 PM Ruby master Bug #14612: IPv6 address inconsistency (downcase vs. upcase)
shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) wrote:
> Is there a standard that mandates or prefers either variant?
RFC 5952 recomm...
hugopeixoto (Hugo Peixoto)

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