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04:17 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13237: Behavior for #dup and #clone on Rational/Complex/BigDecimal differs from Integer/Float
Will this be backported to 2.4? (IOW is this 2.4.0 bug or 2.5 new feature?)


10:59 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13222 (Closed): Array#sum inconsistency when init value is non-numeric
Since Array#sum skips calling plus for `0`, it doesn't ...


05:21 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13129 (Assigned): Refinements cannot refine method_missing and respond_to_missing?
Refinements with method_missing and respond_to_missing? behaves very strangely.
class C; end
using Mod...


01:15 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13109 (Rejected): `using` in refinements is required to be physically placed before the ...
When using refinements in one file, the `using` call needs to be physically placed before the refined method call.


06:54 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13012 (Closed): irb fails to define a method with a reserved-word-ish keyword argument
For example
def a(if:) end
is a valid ruby code but this doesn't work on irb.
This seems to be hap...


08:48 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12980 (Closed): Time - Time to return a Rational
All right. Sounds rational. Thank you for the explanation, Mame-san and akr-san!


08:26 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12980: Time - Time to return a Rational
Well, my assumption seems wrong.
0.5r.round also becomes 0, so this isn't really related to #12952
Still I'm wond...
08:18 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12980 (Closed): Time - Time to return a Rational
Currently subtracting a Time from a Time returns a Float, which I guess causes #12952
Is there any reason this doe...
07:51 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12746: class Array: alias .prepend to .unshift ?
FIY both append and prepend are in ActiveSupport:


09:43 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12930 (Closed): instance_eval, instance_exec raises TypeError on a frozen String
% ruby -ve 'p "".freeze.instance_eval "size"'
ruby 2.4.0dev (2016-11-13 trunk 56767) [x86_64-darwin15]

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