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04:30 PM Ruby master Feature #14473: Add Range#subrange?
Minor point: IMO a "Range with steps" isn't a Range, it's something else. It doesn't seem relevant to the discussion.... al2o3cr (Matt Jones)


05:52 AM Backport21 Backport #9316: BigDecimal division in Ruby 2.1
phasis68 (Heesob Park) wrote:
> Here is a simple patch to ensure the minimun precison of division result.
> ...
al2o3cr (Matt Jones)


09:19 AM Backport21 Backport #9316: BigDecimal division in Ruby 2.1
Updated - I added a dump of the Prec + MaxPrec values to the output of the script. There definitely appears to be a p... al2o3cr (Matt Jones)
08:06 AM Backport21 Backport #9316: BigDecimal division in Ruby 2.1
Still fuzzy on the cause, but the behavior is interesting - it appears that something has changed regarding the way t... al2o3cr (Matt Jones)


04:45 AM Ruby master Bug #7645: BigDecimal#== slow when compared to true/false
I've added some notes on the ticket on the Rails tracker - short story shorter, this particular case happens (AFAIK) ... al2o3cr (Matt Jones)


12:51 AM Backport186 Backport #1151: Aliased methods change super logic when retrieved with Object#method
Not sure if this is related or not, but I've run across another very similar issue regarding method(:name).ca...
al2o3cr (Matt Jones)

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