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12:50 PM Ruby master Bug #11450: HTTPHeader.content_range throws error on non-byte units
Raised a [PR]( shishir127 (Shishir Joshi)


04:49 AM Ruby master Feature #11523: optparse short options will match complete options
Try executing this script. The only difference between the previous script and this one is that instead of returning ... shishir127 (Shishir Joshi)


12:27 PM Ruby master Bug #11281: Unexpected behaviour in HTTP header processing
Nobuyoshi Nakada wrote:
> Shishir Joshi wrote:
> > So I am OK with skipping `nil` values.
> Then no needs to a...
shishir127 (Shishir Joshi)


04:34 PM Ruby master Bug #11281: Unexpected behaviour in HTTP header processing
I think if the user wants to send a blank header, then the user should do that explicitly like
shishir127 (Shishir Joshi)


07:02 AM Ruby master Bug #11088: On Exception too expensive inspect is called on recursive object graph with 3000 elements in it, swallows memory and ultimately doesn't deliver exception
Hi Jurgen,
I executed bug_hunt.rb and I was able to reproduce this issue. But when I tried a simple test (attached...
shishir127 (Shishir Joshi)


04:59 PM Ruby master Bug #11059: When saving a hash to YAML or JSON the default value isn't stored
JSON is based on JavaScript and the JavaScript default value for hashes can't be changed. The YAML spec says
shishir127 (Shishir Joshi)

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