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02:51 PM Ruby master Feature #18460 (Rejected): implicit self for .() syntax without rvalue
We have a nice `.()` shorthand for calling Proc
m = 1.method(:+)
m.(2) # 3
But while we can use ...
cvss (Kirill Vechera)


12:30 PM Ruby master Feature #12901: Anonymous functions without scope lookup overhead
One more reason for having an isolated kind of Proc is using it with an implicit block argument - for `define_method`... cvss (Kirill Vechera)


05:38 PM Ruby master Bug #18390: Enumerator::Lazy#find returns invalid value
I just found that playground runs Opal, not MRI. Sorry for incorrect addressee, please close the issue. cvss (Kirill Vechera)
05:35 PM Ruby master Bug #18390: Enumerator::Lazy#find returns invalid value
I'm not sure about build parameters, I found this bug at the ruby playground I'm attaching... cvss (Kirill Vechera)
12:57 PM Ruby master Bug #18390 (Third Party's Issue): Enumerator::Lazy#find returns invalid value
There is a regression bug in `#find`
[1, 2, 3, 4].lazy.find(&:even?) # => nil (ERROR!...
cvss (Kirill Vechera)


08:48 PM Ruby master Feature #17881: Add a Module#const_added callback
Alternative solution can be implemented with two hooks for "opening" and "closing" class/module definition i.e. `Modu... cvss (Kirill Vechera)


03:40 PM Ruby master Feature #18181: Introduce Enumerable#min_with_value, max_with_value, and minmax_with_value
There's also a frequent similar problem with `#find` when you need to find the first matched value instead of entry. ... cvss (Kirill Vechera)
02:44 PM Ruby master Feature #18384: Pattern Match Object
> it leads to a proverbial rabbit hole
Probably, instead of a separate Patter Match class it would be enough to make...
cvss (Kirill Vechera)


02:00 PM Ruby master Feature #12125: Proposal: Shorthand operator for Object#method
One more use case - method composition, for example from #18369:
``` ruby
cvss (Kirill Vechera)
01:52 PM Ruby master Feature #18369: users.detect(:name, "Dorian") as shorthand for users.detect { |user| == "Dorian" }
It's a good occasion to use the composition of Proc/Method objects:
``` ruby
cvss (Kirill Vechera)

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