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Publish new WEBrick version to

Added by rbjl (Jan Lelis) about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Target version:


The latest security releases of Ruby include some fixes in the webrick default gem:

However, as of now, the changes have not been published to rubygems:

More confusingly, the version number of webrick has not be changed yet: (still 1.4.2 as before the security patches). This is problematic, because now multiple versions of version 1.4.2 of webrick exist... It also prevents people from quickly resolving the webrick-related security issue by just installing the new version of webrick.

In the past, security patches often led to a fourth-place-version-number (see for example, rubygems itself, or rdoc)

I suggest that a new version of webrick should be released to rubygems. I am also curious about how the process of dealing with similar issues in the future can be optimized

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I'm working on it now. I need to triage the changeset from ruby/ruby master.

Please wait a few days.

Updated by rbjl (Jan Lelis) about 2 years ago

That was quick, thanks!

Updated by rbjl (Jan Lelis) about 2 years ago

I have added a short notice for people interested to

Btw, do you use a tool assisting with merging the upstream changes? If not I'd offer to build one (not totally automated, but might be helpful for standard tasks)


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