Bug #454

URI does not follow the last rfc about uri syntax

Added by Sigill (Cyrille Faucheux) almost 10 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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According to the last rcf about uri syntax (, i have found at least two "bugs" in the uri library.

The "#" character is a delimiter and shouldn't be escaped. In the current implementation, it is, so the resulting escaped uri is no more the good one.

Example :

URI.escape(' page.html#fragment')


As a quick patch, the "#" character must be added to the URI::REGEXP::RESERVED regexp.

In the same way, URI::REGEXP::UNRESERVED specify characters that are not marked as unreserved by the rfc.

URI : UNRESERVED = "-_.!~*'()#{ALNUM}"

RFC : unreserved = ALPHA / DIGIT / "-" / "." / "_" / "~"

454.patch (1.62 KB) 454.patch jonaswitt (Jonas Witt), 12/19/2008 03:44 AM


#1 Updated by jonaswitt (Jonas Witt) over 9 years ago

lib/uri/common.rb currently references RFCs 2732 and 2396. RFC 3986, as linked to by the original poster, obsoletes both RFCs.

The attached patch adjusts the definitions of UNRESERVED and RESERVED to comply with RFC 3986, thereby fixing the "#" issue, among others:

URI.escape(' page.html#fragment')
=> ""

This bug is filed against Ruby 1.8, but it's the same on the 1.9.1 branch and the same patch applies.


#2 Updated by shyouhei (Shyouhei Urabe) over 9 years ago

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#3 Updated by akira (akira yamada) over 9 years ago

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URI.escape does not parse the argument string as an URI.
The method only replace all UNSAFE chars in the string.

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